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Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.34.13 amQuarterly Access (QA) is the national publication of the youth networks of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. It is an entirely volunteer based publication providing opportunities for students and young professionals to publish in-depth high-quality articles on global issues of importance. We aim to help inform and foster debate amongst a new generation of leaders.

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Submissions for the next edition are due on Friday 26 May, 2017.

Quarterly Access is an opportunity for students and young professionals to publish in-depth, high-quality articles on global issues of importance. QA is seeking original, engaging and intellectually rigorous articles that focus on international affairs and have some nexus with Australia. We accept for submission: academic essays (2000-3000 words), book reviews (500-1000 words), travel articles (1000-2000 words), feature articles (1000-2000 words), and interviews with notable figures or someone who has achieved something out of the ordinary.

Quarterly Access has a new feature called “Looking Into” focusing on the facts and prospects of a situation as it unfolds. This new section of the journal has been developed for graduates and young professionals to showcase their ability to provide concise summaries of complex situations. Email submissions with subject line “Looking Into: TOPIC (maximum 800 words).

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If you submit, please include a single sentence bio we can publish alongside your article. To request further information or submit an article email: quarterlyaccess@gmail.com

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Quarterly Access – March 2017

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Nina Roxburgh, Editor-in-Chief


Looking Into: The Future of Rojava 

Sam Brennan


Collaborate or compete? Opportunities to adapt Australia’s Smart Cities Plan to develop a stronger pathway to achieving SDG11 by 2030

Cassandra Cohen


“The Slow Hell”: The Lived Experience of the EU’s Flawed Asylum System – featuring an interview with Victor Roman, from the Lesvos Legal Centre

Nina Roxburgh and Tamara Tubakovic

Global Gag Rule and the Political Economy of Sexual and Reproductive Freedoms

Maria Tanyag 


Media, Foreign Policy and Intervention

Ben Reeson 



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The team that brings you QA each quarter:

Nina Roxburgh (Editor-in-Chief)

Tamara Tubakovic (Deputy Editor)

Felicity Driver (Editor)

Alyce Hogg (Editor)

Alicia Sherman (Creative Editor)


Published January 16, 2014