Find an Expert

Need an expert view? For media and speaking inquiries please contact the following AIIA leaders for expert analysis of international affairs and recent world events.

Allan Gyngell AO FAIIA, National President

Allan is an expert in Australian foreign policy, Australia-China relations, Australia-US relations, intelligence and security.

Contact Details:; +61 (02) 6282 2133

Dr Bryce Wakefield, National Executive Director

Bryce is an expert in East Asian, particularly Japanese politics, international relations, international security, and European, United States and New Zealand politics.

Contact details:; 0444 519 549

Nancy Schneider, National Operations Manager

Nancy is an expert on politics and society in the United States and South America.

Contact details: 

Yun Jiang, AIIA-China Matters Fellow

Yun is an expert on developments in the PRC which are especially relevant to Australia.

Contact details: