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Women in International Affairs

Special Edition with Thenu Herath

Special Edition Episode 3: The Israel/Palestine Conflict with Dr Michelle Lesh

Following President Donald Trump’s so-called Middle East ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Plan, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently highlighted Israel’s intention to annex parts of the West Bank. In this episode, Dr Michelle Lesh at the University of Melbourne discusses the significance of this move and her experience working in the area.

Special Edition Episode 2: Press Freedom and Fake News with Karishma Vyas

In this episode, Emmy-nominated Australian Journalist, Karishma Vyas, discusses her career as an international reporter. In doing so, this episode unravels the phenomenon of fake news and political polarisation while debating the importance of press freedom and equal representation in the media.

Special Edition Episode 1: Coronavirus & the Refugee Crisis with Gillian Triggs

After an introduction to the series, this special edition of the Dyason House podcast begins with Gillian Triggs. Leaving behind a very successful career as an international lawyer and academic, the former President of the Human Rights Commission has recently become Assistant Secretary-General of the UNHR. With Gillian’s exclusive insight into the UN Refugee agency, this episode sheds light on the interplay between current refugee crises and the COVID-19 global pandemic.