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Season 3

Season 3 with Clancy Balen

Season 3 Episode 7: New Media, New Conflict with Dr. Sebastian Kaempf

This week we spoke with Dr. Sebastian Kaempf, Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies at the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland, to discuss the role a transforming global media landscape is playing in contemporary conflicts, the visualisation of warfare in popular culture and what this means for traditional media institutions.

Season 3 Episode 6: W20 with Zara Kimptom OAM

In episode 6 we had a discussion with Zara Kimpton OAM, National Vice President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs and the head of the Australian delegation for the Women20, an official G20 engagement group forming a transnational network of women’s organizations, female entrepreneurs associations and think tanks. Zara talked us through the key areas of engagement for the W20, how we can turn ideas into effective action on gender equality, and the role Australia is playing in supporting the W20 agenda.

Season 3 Episode 5: Passing Time: Youth in India with Professor Craig Jeffrey

India, the most populous democracy in the world, is asserting itself as a force on the world stage at an impressive rate. With a development this rapid, there are bound to be complications. This episode saw us sit down with Professor Craig Jeffrey, Director of the Australia India Institute, to discuss some of the challenges facing youth in India, the surprising innovations employed to overcome them, and the social phenomenon of ‘time-pass’.

Season 3 Episode 4: Don’t Forget About Russia with Dr. Alexey Muraviev

For today’s episode we were joined by Alexey Muraviev of Curtin University, an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Social Sciences & Security Studies and a leading academic in Australia on Russia. We discuss the role that Russia plays in the Pacific, the ways in which soft and hard power can be asserted, and why we should never forget that Russia never gave up its title of super-power.

Season 3 Episode 3: Brexit, The Anglosphere & a Crisis of Identity with Dr. Ben Wellings

Episode 3 features Dr Ben Wellings, senior lecturer in International Relations at Monash University, Clayton, who talked us through the rise of Euroscepticism, what the Anglosphere is and how the challenges of Brexit may stem from an identity crisis within the UK.

Season 3 Episode 2: Keeping the Peace with Dr. Charles T. Hunt

In this episode we sat down for a chat with Dr Charles T. Hunt, a Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow at Social & Global Studies Centre, RMIT to discuss what constitutes the success of a peacekeeping mission, the challenges that a “robust turn” in UN missions poses, and what it takes to construct conditions for lasting peace.

Season 3 Episode 1: Gender, Peace & Security with Professor Jacqui True & Assoc. Professor Katrina Lee-Koo

This week’s episode we spoke with Professor Jacqui True and Assoc. Professor Katrina Lee-Koo, Director and Associate Director of The Monash Centre for Gender Peace and Security, to shed some light on what gender, peace and security studies entail, what happens when women are given full agency and meaningful participation in the peace process and why we need to continue standing up for under-represented groups impacted by violence.