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Season 4

Season 4 with Tom Akhurst

Season 4 Episode 5: The Kurdish struggle in Turkey with Will Gourlay

In this episode we spoke with long-term watcher of Kurds, Monash University’s Will Gourlay, about the Kurdish struggle for political equality in Turkey. As President Erdogan moves to consolidate his support, he appears increasingly likely to forsake the Kurdish cause for Turkish nationalist support.

Season 4 Episode 4: Turkey – Is Erdogan losing his grip on power? with Tezcan Gumus

Since coming to power in 2002, President Erdogan has slowly dismantled Turkey’s democracy, suppressing press freedoms and concentrating constitutional authority in his hands. The Turkish people are split with ‘Black Turks’ lionising his conservative credentials while ‘White Turks’ bemoan the slide to authoritarianism. However, Erdogan-aligned candidates faltered at recent municipal elections, inspiring fresh hope for change. Has the President’s pyramid begun to crumble? In episode 4 we spoke with Tezcan Gumus, expert on Turkish politics.

Season 4 Episode 3: China – Friend or Foe? with Euan Graham

With America’s global influence in decline and China steadfast in its pursuit of regional dominance, Australia sits at the cross-roads of an uncertain future. This week we spoke with national security expert Dr Euan Graham about whether Australia is prepared for the Asian Century or doomed to conflict with China.

Season 4 Episode 2: Understanding Kashmir with Dr. Pradeep Taneja

Tensions between India and Pakistan over Kashmir have reignited after India stripped the contested border region of its long-standing autonomy. We spoke with India expert Dr. Pradeep Taneja to understand why Kashmir is beset by instability and uncertainty over its political future.

Season 4 Episode 1: Hong Kong – to Democracy or Despair with Prof. John Burns

For the first episode of Season 4, we spoke with Prof. John Burns about the evolving political crisis in Hong Kong. Frustrations over Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s handling of the proposed extradition bill has pushed millions onto the streets and led to wider calls for fully democratic elections.