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Season 1

Season 1 with Peter Bateman

Season 1 Episode 9: Forty Years of Diplomacy with John Woods

With 42-years’ service in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) former ambassador John Woods has served the interests of Australia in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, North Africa and the Americas.

His storied career and wealth of experience makes John one of Australia’s most knowledgeable authorities on life as an ambassador. Full of information on the path to becoming an ambassador and the realities of holding the honour for your country, Season 1’s final episode is not to be missed.

Thank you to all who have followed a long for since April and make sure to check back in August for Season 2!

Season 1 Episode 8: Foreign Correspondent with Michael Bachelard

Reporting on the ground in Iraq and Indonesia, and liaising with Fairfax correspondents in the field as Foreign Editor, Michael Bachelard knows every detail of life as a foreign correspondent.

Find out what it takes to get a job as a foreign correspondent and to live as one in places as varied as the Middle East to Europe. An essential listen for those with aspirations of foreign correspondence.

Season 1 Episode 7: How to Stop a Nuclear Bomb with Tim Wright

Tim Wright talks with the DH podcast on how we as a human race are moving toward complete denuclearisation. Tim works as the Treaty Coordinator for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), who played the major role in garnering the signatures of 120 nations for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and consequently awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Peace.

We discuss why countries like the UK, US, China, France, Russia and even Australia have refused to sign; along with recent events in North Korea and the Singapore Summit; the US decision to pull out of the UN Human Rights Council; and as always how to start a career as a activist or campaigner.

Season 1 Episode 6: Politics, Reporting on How the World Works with Michael Brissenden (ABC)

Politics, it’s at the heart of everything, from persecution to prosperity, war or peace, justice or injustice – how governments govern affects us all. Michael Brissenden is one of the few tasked with holding governments accountable. A Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent and political reporter, Michael has reported on how the world works throughout Europe, the Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

If you’ve dreamed of being a political reporter, foreign correspondent, politician or have the slightest interest in politics, you’ll enjoy every second of this fast-paced conversation. Michael discusses his career journey, why we should all care about politics and tips for aspiring political reporters and foreign correspondents.

Season 1 Episode 5: United Nations – How to Get In with Professor Ian Howie

Want to work for the United Nations? Professor Ian Howie details how he achieved his dream of landing a job with the organisation that constitutes humankind’s best effort to make the world a better place. Ian spent 40 years with the UN and he knows what it takes, what to expect and where a career with the United Nations can take you. Make sure to grab a note book and enjoy this week’s episode of the Dyason House Podcast, it might just set you on the path for an international career.

Season 1 Episode 4: Counter-Insurgent, the Battle of Basra with Richard Iron CMG OBE

Lessons in humility and the importance of understanding your enemy. In Northern Ireland, Iraq, the Balkans and Sierra Leone, retired British military commander Richard Iron has spent a lifetime in counterinsurgency. In this episode Richard takes us through his role as Chief Mentor to Basra Operations commander in the 2008 battle for Basra, Iraq, and how his military career prepared him to take on a faceless enemy.

Season 1 Episode 3: Life as a Middle East Correspondent with Matt Brown

ABC Middle East correspondent Matt Brown is a four time Walkley Award winner and courageous front-line journalist. We discuss Matt’s journey from a student journalist covering Papua New Guinea, to hiking illegally over the Syrian border during civil war. It’s a rare insight into what it’s like to report from some of the toughest locations on the planet and how to land a job doing it.

Season 1 Episode 2: So You Want to Be a Humanitarian Aid Worker with Dr Denis Dragovic

Engineer, scholar, consultant, author; humanitarian aid worker Dr Denis Dragovic has done it all. In this episode we talk about what it’s like to be an aid worker in general, as well as tough situations like war zones. Denis also shares some tips on how to pursue your own career in the aid industry and some of the problems that the industry currently faces.

Season 1 Episode 1: The Real Story of the Rohingya with Christopher Lamb 

Christopher Lamb retired from a career in diplomacy spanning over 30 years, including as the Australian Ambassador to Myanmar. In this episode, Peter Bateman and Christopher Lamb discuss the history of the Rohingya people, and the realities of the current crisis, getting into details that often don’t make the news.