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Dyason House Podcast

An original AIIA Victoria production

The Dyason House podcast is a place to discuss the past, present and future of the international world, and how to break into the fields that will change it.

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Season 5 with James Cafferky

E1 – Introducing Global Health Security with Prof. Helen Evans AO FAIIA

E2 – Health Systems & The WHO with Prof. Vivian Lin

E3 – Global Health & Climate Change with Prof. Kathryn Bowen And Prof. Tony Capon

E4 – International Relations, Pandemics, And Globalisation with Dr. Angel Alcade and Dr. Daniel McCarthy

E5 – Disaster Response & Forensic Pathology With Stephen Cordner AM FAIIA

Meet the Diplomat with James CareyE1 – Experiences of Diplomacy with John Richardson, former Ambassador to Brazil

E2 – Experiences of Diplomacy with Colin Heseltine, former Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

Special Edition with Thenu HerathE1 – Coronavirus & the Refugee Crisis with Gillian Triggs AO FAIIA

E2 –Press Freedom and Fake News with Karishma Vyas

E3- The Israel/Palestine Conflict with Dr Michelle Lesh

Season 4 with Tom Akhurst

E1 – Hong Kong – to Democracy or Despair with Prof. John Burns

E2 – Understanding Kashmir with Dr. Pradeep Taneja

E3 – China – Friend or Foe? with Euan Graham

E4 – Turkey – Is Erdogan losing his grip on power? with Tezcan Gumus

E5 – The Kurdish struggle in Turkey with Will Gourlay

Season 3 with Clancy Balen

E1 – Gender, Peace & Security with Professor Jacqui True & Assoc. Professor Katrina Lee-Koo

E2 – Keeping the Peace with Dr. Charles T. Hunt

E3 – Brexit, The Anglosphere & a Crisis of Identity with Dr. Ben Wellings

E4 – Don’t Forget About Russia with Dr. Alexey Muraviev

E5 – Passing Time: Youth in India with Professor Craig Jeffrey

E6 – W20 with Zara Kimptom OAM

E7 – New Media, New Conflict with Dr. Sebastian Kaempf

Season 2 with Cameron Christie

E1 –From PNG to Parliament and Beyond with John Langmore

E2 – Cyber Security with Bart Hogeveen

E3 – Cryptocurrencies with Dr Kym Brown

E4 – Brokering Peace Agreements with Professor Damien Kingsbury

E5 – Making a Difference in Nepal with Stephanie Woollard

E6 – Diplomacy and Crisis Management with Jean Dunn PSM

E7 – China Rising with Rowan Callick OBE FAIIA

E8 – Inside North Korea with Jean Lee

E9 – A History of Human Rights and Sports Diplomacy with Barbara Keys

Season 1 with Peter Bateman

 E1 – The Real Story of the Rohingya with Christopher Lamb 

E2 – So You Want to Be a Humanitarian Aid Worker with Dr Denis Dragovic

E3 – Life as a Middle East Correspondent with Matt Brown

E4 – Counter-Insurgent, the Battle of Basra with Richard Iron CMG OBE

E5 – United Nations – How to Get In with Professor Ian Howie

E6 – Politics, Reporting on How the World Works with Michael Brissenden (ABC)

E7 – How to Stop a Nuclear Bomb with Tim Wright

E8 – Foreign Correspondent with Michael Bachelard

E9 – Forty Years of Diplomacy with John Woods