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The Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) is an independent non-partisan, non-profit organisation devoted to the promotion and discussion of international affairs and global issues. Its mission is to help Australians know more, understand more and engage more in International Affairs.

Established in New South Wales in 1924, and in Victoria in 1925 as overseas branches of London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), the AIIA was created as an Australian entity in its own right in 1933, and today has branches in all states and territories. The AIIA nationally publishes the Australian Journal of International Affairs, Australia’s premier academic journal in the field and Australian Outlook, a weekly online publication featuring short articles and a summary of events in Australian foreign policy.

In Victoria, the AIIA was based since 1961 in Dyason House in East Melbourne, but in November 2023 moved to more modern premises at 356 Collins street in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. During its long history, AIIA Victoria has involved many notable authorities and leading figures within the international affairs sphere, including Sir John Latham, Sir Owen Dixon, Sir Ian Clunies Ross, Sir Robert Menzies, Professor Norman Harper and Professor William (‘Mac’) Macmahon Ball.

Key events held by AIIA Victoria include weekly lectures, with a focus on major international issues; the International Careers Conference, one of the largest international relations career events of its kind in Australia; and the annual Sir Zelman Cowen Oration dinner. During the year, the Institute conducts study tours abroad, as well as offering internships to students and volunteer positions throughout all areas of its operations. AIIA Victoria Young Professionals provides young people with an avid interest in the international affairs sphere an opportunity to network and discuss topical issues.

AIIA Victoria is governed by a Council comprised of members from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with a keen interest in international affairs, and is strongly supported by volunteers and interns, and by the generosity of its members. Membership is open to all Australian residents, corporate bodies, diplomatic representatives, schools and students. Tickets to AIIA Victoria events are also available to all members of the public.

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