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International Careers Conference

AIIA Victoria is committed to helping Victorians engage with international affairs. It does this by organising regular events where members and visitors are encouraged to engage with important international issues.

AIIA Victoria’s events are attended by diverse groups of different ages and from many walks of life. It is one of the few places where different generations can mingle and discuss shared interests. Young members particularly benefit from the informal advice of more experienced members and guests.

The International Careers Conference (ICC) is one of AIIA Victoria’s major annual events that aims to facilitate this type of inter-generational sharing. It is designed to give students access to information and advice from leaders in international affairs that will help them build their own international careers.

The ICC aims to:

• Inspire students to consider a variety of international careers;

• Assist students working towards an international career; and

• Encourage students to engage with international affairs


The 14th International Careers Conference took place on Friday 31 August 2018 at The Pavilion, Arts Centre.

It consisted of a full-day event, commencing with a keynote addresses by Tony Wheeler AO FAIIA, Co-Founder, Lonely Planet. There were three panels covering not-for-profit, international business, and international relations sectors; as well as a series of career-specific workshops facilitated by experts from sectors as diverse as:

Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy

International Law

Victoria and International Trade

Defence Graduate Office

Youth Not-for-Profit

Defence and Security

Cyber and Intelligence

Academia, Think Tank and Research Institute

Refugees and Human Rights

NGO Sector