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31 Oct 2018
By Allan Gyngell AO FAIIA and Dr Darren Lim
Credit: Twitter @AngryGranny1

This episode examines current issues for Australian diplomacy including the prospects for Australia moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the Khashoggi murder and Trump’s withdrawal from multilateral treaties and institutions.

Allan and Darren cover four issues in this latest episode. They begin by discussing the announcement by Prime Minister Morrison, in the lead-up to the recent Wentworth by-election, that the government would review its long-standing policy regarding whether Jerusalem should be recognised as the capital of Israel, as well as Australia’s support for the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

Next, using the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and Australia’s sanctioning of individuals in the Myanmar military as entry points, Darren asks Allan how governments balance competing interests on the question of human rights violations.

Third, President Trump continues his battle with international treaties and institutions, this time the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the Universal Postal Union.

The podcast concludes by highlighting two areas of Australian diplomacy that have received relatively less attention: a new strategy to combat the death penalty, and the recent trade ministerial meeting in Canada with neither the US nor China invited.

Allan Gyngell AO FAIIA is National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs and an Honorary Professor at the ANU’s College of Asia and the Pacific.

Dr Darren Lim is a Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University. 

Allan and Darren would like to thank the people who helped make this possible, in particular: AIIA interns Stephanie Rowell (research assistant) and Mani Bovell (audio engineer); Martyn Pearce and Maya Bhandari of the Crawford School for technical support; Rory Stenning for composing the theme music; and AIIA National Executive Director Melissa Conley Tyler for her hard work behind the scenes to help make this happen.