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AIIA Podcast: Academic Power Is Moving East

28 Jul 2020
By Tayyeb Shah
Students at the Asian University for Women. Source: Auwsf1

Tayyeb Shah explores Asia’s rising academic influence, consequences of COVID-19 on education, and possible ways forward from the crisis. 

The 21st Century is frequently forecast to be the Asian Century. The term is usually understood with reference to the rapid growth of the economies of China and India, and the increasing influence it affords them in international affairs. What is less salient to many is the growing academic power of Asia. At our July event, Tayyeb Shah will explore academic relations between Australia and Asia. Tayyeb will also discuss the potential consequences of the COVID-19 virus for the Australian tertiary education sector, and possible responses to them.

Tayyeb Shah is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Partnerships) at The University of Western Australia and responsible for a portfolio that spans Global Engagement, Innovation & Industry Engagement, the Cultural Precinct and Development & Alumni Relations. A globally-renowned expert in higher education, business development and international relations, Mr Shah was formerly Deputy Vice President (Global Business Development) at King’s College London. Mr Shah is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, member of a number of boards including the Perth Festival and Chair of the Professional Development Committee of the European Association for International Education. 

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