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Podcast Episode 34: All Things China (Again)! Defectors? Sleeper Agents? MP Visas & Hong Kong

02 Dec 2019
By Dr Darren Lim and Allan Gyngell AO FAIIA

Episode 34 of the Australia in the World Podcast looks at a Chinese defector, a former Australian PM, and an update on the Hong Kong situation.

It is simply impossible to ignore China-related news stories in Australia this week, and so Allan and Darren do their best to grapple with the twin bombshell stories of a Chinese defector and asylum seeker, Wang “William” Liqiang, who claims to have information on the activities of Chinese intelligence, and a (now-deceased) individual, Nick Zhao, who reported to ASIO that he was approached to run for the Australian federal parliament. Along the way, a recent speech by former Prime Minister Paul Keating is brought into the conversation, as well as the denial of visas to two Australian parliamentarians to visit China. The episode finishes with an update on the situation in Hong Kong.

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We thank AIIA intern James Hayne for his help with research and audio editing, and XC Chong also for research assistance and audio editing. As always, we’re grateful to Rory Stenning for composing our theme music.

This article is published under a Creative Commons Licence and may be republished with attribution.

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