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Australia-India Relations: A Consul General's View

11 Apr 2018
By Amit Kumar Mishra

The India-Australia bilateral relationship has evolved dramatically in recent years, becoming a friendly partnership. Amid the changing geopolitics of the region, the relationship is more important than ever.

India and Australia have much in common, underpinned by shared values of pluralistic, Westminster-style democracies, Commonwealth traditions, expanding economic engagement and increasing high-level interaction.

The two-way prime ministerial visits in 2014 built significant momentum in the bilateral relationship, signifying the growing depth of the India-Australia strategic partnership. It was a pivotal step towards improving the Indo-Australian alliance in the Asia-Pacific. Both countries maintain strong trade and security interests in the region, alongside a common desire for hegemonic powers to exercise restraint.

There is a rapidly growing Indian community in Australia, which is contributing significantly to the Australian economy. India is now the third largest source of immigrants to Australia, after the UK and New Zealand, and the second largest source of skilled professionals for Australia after the UK.

Consul General for India in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Mr Amit Kumar Mishra, spoke with Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann before Mr Mishra presented to AIIA for WA on 27 March 2018.

Mr Amit Kumar Mishra is the Consul General for India in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 2004 and has served in Indian diplomatic missions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

Interview by Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann.

Filming and editing by Nancye Miles-Tweedie.