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Counterterrorism and a Southeast Asian Caliphate

05 Sep 2017
Interview with Jacinta Carroll

Australia needs to bring all efforts to bear across across the military, diplomatic and aid sectors to counter potential terrorism from Islamic State activity on Mindanao.

Increasing support from IS for insurgencies in the south of the Philippines culminated in the shock occupation of the Mindanao city of Marawi in May 2017. Since then, it has become clear that IS is providing significant resources, as well as technical and planning advice for the insurgents.

The new head of national security policy at the National Security College at ANU, Jacinta Carroll, says the Marawi occupation is already providing an outlet for IS to maintain its brand at a time of ongoing defeats in the Middle East; a new focus of conflict for IS fighters leaving the Middle East; and a base for planning and executing attacks around the region.

In a discussion with the AIIA’s National Director of Communications after presenting to AIIA NSW, Carroll said Australian authorities need to bring all efforts to bear on countering the threat of terrorism the prospective caliphate poses to Australia. This will include military cooperation with Philippines—as discussed by Minister for Defence Marise Payne in Manila this week—as well as diplomatic efforts, humanitarian aid and advice on transitioning from conflict to an inclusive community.

Jacinta Carroll is the director of national security policy at the National Security College at the Australian National University.

This interview was filmed following Carroll’s presentation on counterterrorism to AIIA NSW on Tuesday 5 September. You can read her full presentation here.

Interview by AIIA Director of Communications, Annabel McGilvray.

Filming by AIIA NSW Damian Meduri.