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Welcome to the member-only section of the AIIA website.

The following offers are available only to AIIA members:

  • ROUTLEDGE SPECIAL OFFER: In collaboration with the AIIA, Routledge has developed a specialised list of newly released politics/security studies books to be offered at a special rate for AIIA members. The offer for AIIA members only includes new releases such as “Terror in Our Time” by Tim Dunne and “Seperatist Conflict in Indonesia” by Antje Missbach. To view the full list, click on the flyer icon. An order form is attached to the flyer for any member interested. (coming-soon)
  • Australian Journal of International Affairs: Members receive online access to the archives of the AJIA from 1947 to the present time. The AJIA publishes high quality scholarly research on international political, social, economic and legal issues especially, but not exclusively, within the Asia-Pacific region. Access the Australian Journal of International Affairs (CAJI). Please note that members accessing the archives do so under the Publisher’s standard terms and conditions of online supply  including not to distribute or reproduce.
  • FLIGHT CENTRE: Call 02 9970 8022 during office hours 7 days a week and speak to Jessica Wall who is the manager of the AIIA branch of the Flight Centre. If she is not there, speak with “Bronwyn Sunderland” or “Kasey Tocchini”.All three have more than ten years’ experience each, and will be able to help you with your plans and apply the discount. Bills must be settled directly with the Flight Centre. You may wish to research your trip first on but only this office will provide the discount and you must give an AIIA passcode “charteris1937“.
  • Global Asia Subscription: AIIA members receive a 30% discount on subscriptions to Global Asia, a publication of the East Asia Foundation: Recent issues have focused on the future for women in Asia, peace and prosperity in East Asia and how India is engaging the world. To subscribe, visit or contact

Members are also notified of other member-only benefits and special offers in the monthly “News from National Office” newsletter: