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Why ASEAN is Talking Sense

20 Mar 2018
By Ambassador Astanah Abdul Aziz 

The convening power of the Association of South East Asian Nations may be being overlooked in the enthusiasm of some to push towards a more proactive ASEAN. Sometimes more talk is just what is needed.

In the lead-up to the recent ASEAN-Australia Summit, former Deputy Director General of the ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat, Her Excellency Astanah Abdul Aziz responded to criticism the association is too focussed on talk and not action. Action won’t be effective unless leaders are able to talk and ensure they genuinely support the organisation’s initiatives, said Abdul Aziz.

The ambassador spoke to AIIA Director of Communications Annabel McGilvray following a roundtable discussion on the ASEAN Regional Forum, organised by the Australian member committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) and hosted by AIIA NSW and the AIIA National Office.

Her Excellency Astanah Abdul Aziz is the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Kingdom of Morocco. Before that, she was the deputy director general of the ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat. 

Interview by: Annabel McGilvray, AIIA Director of Communications.

Filmed by: Cameron Allan, AIIA National Office.