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Waves of Chinese Tourism May Be Worth More Than Mounds of Commodities

23 Jun 2017
By Harold Weldon
Harold Wilson Interview

In the wake of the 2015 Australia-China Free Trade Agreement, trade between the two countries remains dominated by commodities exports. However, recent growth in Chinese demand for Australian education and tourism services may herald significant change.

Australia and China have continued to build on their close economic relationship since the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement came into force on 20 December 2015. As the trading relationship evolves, the emphasis on commodities is shifting towards services; in particular, towards education, tourism, financial and corporate services.

Founder of the longstanding China advisory service, Weldon Global, and a board member of the Australia China Council, Harold Weldon recently sat down with Edwina Blackburn from the Australian Institute of International Affairs to talk about the Sino-Australian trading relationship.


Harold Weldon is the founder of Weldon Global. He is also a board member of the Australia China Council. Recently, Mr Weldon hosted and convened the Australia China Digital Media Roundtable.

Interviewed by Edwina Blackburn.

Filmed by Cameron Steer.

Edited by Simon Harris.