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Video: The Battle for the South China Sea in the Time of Covid-19

25 Jun 2020
By Dr Lynn Kuok
Source: Shutterstock - Sunflower Seeds

As the fight against COVID-19 rages across the world, a different battle is taking place in the South China Sea.

Developments there initially went unnoticed beneath the heavy shroud of bad news on the coronavirus. What has become clear, however, is that Chinese activities in the South China Sea have not slowed down and have arguably intensified. Tensions are escalating not just between China and Southeast Asian littoral states, but also between China and the United States.  In her June 24 event, Dr Lynn Kuok examined recent developments in the South China Sea with an eye to explaining why they matter, what they say about China’s intentions, and the likely success of any code of conduct for resolving or managing tensions in the South China Sea. She also examined the likely trajectory of the South China Sea and broader Indo-Pacific in light of US-China competition and a pandemic that is fast changing the geopolitical landscape.  Watch the event video here.

Dr Lynn Kuok is Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security at the International Institute for Strategic Studies.