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Sustainable Development in the Arctic

19 Feb 2018
By Dr Dwayne Menezes

Climate change is warming the Arctic at more than twice the speed as the rest of the world, and it is also facing serious social and economic challenges. How can the sustainable development goals help?

On January 17 2018, the AIIA partnered with the Polar Research Policy Initiative (PRPI) to conduct a roundtabale on Sustainable Development Goals in the Arctic. While in Canberra, Dr Dwayne Menezes spoke with AIIA researcher Zoe Halsted about his work as the founder and director of PRPI and the challenges that the Arctic faces.

Dr Dwayne Menezes is the founder and director of the Polar Research Policy Initiative (PRPI). He has also served as consultant to the secretary-general of the Commonwealth, and research associate to a UN special rapporteur. 

Interview by Zoe Halsted 

Filmed by Felix Mouttaki 

Video Editing by Tom Bettinson 

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