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Strengthening Australia's National Security

18 Oct 2018
By Professor Rory Medcalf
The Australian Outlook Editor, Tommy Chai, interviews Professor Rory Medcalf at the 2018 AIIA National Conference on 15 October.

Australia’s security environment is becoming more complex, with a blurring of lines between domestic national security and international security issues.

The boundaries between domestic and international security are blurring. Issues such as cyber, terrorism, foreign interference, energy and protection of critical infrastructure are not exclusively international or domestic. On these issues, Australia will need to have a whole-of-government approach.

Australia has taken an international lead on foreign interference and should work with like-minded countries to build international coalitions to protect democratic institutions.

On US-China competition in the South China Sea, Australia should continue to reserve the right to conduct freedom of navigation operations to assert and uphold international law. It should work with not only the US alliance but also other Indo-Pacific powers to ensure the rights and interests of all countries are protected.

Australian Outlook Editor Tommy Chai interviewed Professor Rory Medcalf at the 2018 AIIA National Conference on 15 October.

Professor Rory Medcalf is Head of the National Security College at The Australian National University. 

Filmed by William Chua.

Edited by Tommy Chai.