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From PNG to Parliament and Beyond

17 Nov 2018
By Professor John Langmore and Cameron Christie
Source: Twitter user @AIIAVIC

This episode of AIIA VIC’s Dyason House Podcast features Professor John Langmore of the University of Melbourne, who discusses his career working in Papua New Guinea in the lead-up to its independence, being elected to the Australian House of Representatives and later working at the United Nations.

Drawing upon his experience working in Papua New Guinea, Professor Langmore explains how the key challenges faced by Papua New Guinea’s justice, health and education systems stem from decisions of the immediate pre- and post-independence era. Looking forward, he highlights the importance of not only increasing aid to PNG but also ensuring that the aid received is used effectively.

Professor Langmore also details his later work on economic policy as a member of the Australian House of Representatives and involvement in the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals.

Professor John Langmore leads the Melbourne School of Government’s research on Security and Political Engagement. He has worked in Papua New Guinea in the lead up to its independence and has served both in the Australian House of Representatives and at the United Nations.

Interviewed by Cameron Christie