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Phones, Facebook and Economic Empowerment

04 Apr 2017
Interview with Chris Locke

With the explosion of mobile phone ownership in developing countries, digital technologies have become central to development projects in the past decade. Local players are using digital platforms such as Facebook and Kenya’s M-PESA to connect individuals and communities and stimulate development organically.

On the eve of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum Digital Development Workshop, Chris Locke, founder of Caribou Digital, spoke with Roberta Rusciano of the AIIA National Office about the impact of digital technologies on development, labour rights in the context of digital platforms, and international cooperation to make the best of these new technologies.

Chris Locke is the founder of Caribou Digital, an organisation dedicated to growing digital economies in an ethical and sustainable way in emerging markets. He was co-chair of the recent EU-Australia Leadership Forum’s Sectoral Policy Workshop on Digital Development.

Interviewed by Roberta Rusciano.

The EU-Australia Leadership Forum is a three-year program to broaden and deepen existing ties between the EU and Australia. The AIIA is part of the consortium selected to deliver the project and the AIIA’s National Director Melissa Conley Tyler is team leader. For more information visit and sign up for regular updates.