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Mexico: A Country in Transformation

09 Jan 2019
Interview with Eduardo Peña Haller

Mexico’s rapid development presents both challenges and opportunities.

The new Mexican government, under President López Obrador is aiming to improve the distribution of wealth and combat corruption. However, it faces several challenges in the form of the unpredictable US administration, the trafficking of illegal drugs and high unemployment.

The 52 years of bilateral relations between Mexico and Australia have been based on common values and interests. This spirit of cooperation was evident in recent developments in regards to the CPTPP and the Pacific Alliance show.

Australian Outlook Editor William Chua interviewed Ambassador Peña Haller prior to his address to AIIA ACT. 

Ambassador Eduardo Peña Haller was appointed as Ambassador of Mexico to Australia in 2017.  

Interview by William Chua

Video & Editing by Truman Calleia