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Interview with Dr. B. (Hass) Dellal AO

30 Jun 2019
Interview with Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann
Dr. B. (Hass) Dellal AO is interviewed by Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann.

Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann caught up with Dr. B. (Hass) Dellal AO at the Radicalisation, De-Radicalisation and Counter-Radicalisation one-day symposium in Perth.

Dr. B. (Hass) Dellal AO is the executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation and chairman of the SBS Board of Directors. He has over 30 years’ experience in policy management, community development and programming for cultural diversity.



Video and editing by #MilesTweediePhotography Interview by Flavia Bellieni Zimmermann