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Institutionalising the Indo-Pacific

28 Feb 2020
Interview with Dr Rebecca Strating, Professor Yoichiro Sato and Professor Takashi Terada

Interviews with speakers at the 2nd AIIA Indo-Pacific Research Forum.

At the Indo-Pacific Research Forum on February 4, experts explored the validity of the Indo-Pacific as potential basis for interstate cooperation, whether within emerging regional frameworks such as the Quadrilateral Dialogue or among a broader group of emergent arrangements in the region. If the Indo-Pacific is to mean something, surely that meaning will be indicated by a set of regional institutions and understandings that are different to what has come before.  Is interaction prompting states in the region to reconsider their ideas surrounding the rule of law in the maritime environment? What would it take to for concrete Indo-Pacific institutions to form? Will official development assistance lead to  a more concrete regional identity? Are there policies that can clearly be distinguished as Indo-Pacific initiatives?

All videos from the forum, including videos on how various state actors in the region view the Indo-Pacific concept, can be found on the event website.

Dr Rebecca Strating, Acting Executive Director, La Trobe Asia

Professor Takashi Terada, Department of Political Science, Doshisha University

Professor Yoichiro Sato, Dean of International Cooperation and Development, Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University