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Human Rights Watch - Shining the Spotlight on International Crises

07 May 2015
Peter Bouckaert and Taru Leppanen
Refugee camp in Bangui, Central African Republic. Image credit: Flickr (UNHCR Photo Unit) Creative Commons.

AIIA National Office intern Taru Leppanen interviews Human Rights Watch Emergency Director Peter Bouckaert on E-Team, a documentary looking at the work of Human Rights Watch’s Emergencies Team. They also discuss the challenges facing people working in conflict zones, the crisis in the Central African Republic, instability in Libya, refugees crossing the Mediterranean and Europe’s response to asylum seekers.

Peter Bouckaert is responsible for coordinating Human Rights Watch’s response to major wars and other human rights crises. A Belgian-born Stanford Law School graduate, specialising in the laws of war, Bouckaert is a veteran of fact-finding missions to Lebanon, Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Macedonia, Indonesia, Uganda, and Sierra Leone, among others. Most recently, Mr. Bouckaert has been in the Central African Republic, where he has conducted investigations into ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed during the current civil war.

Produced by Chris Farnham, AIIA National Office Operations Manager, and Taru Leppanen, intern at the AIIA National Office.