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Foreign Policy in Unpredictable Times

30 Apr 2017
By Professor Mark Beeson

The international order is experiencing more significant instability than at any time since World War II. Along with the rise of China, policymakers face immense transnational challenges, including climate change, growing economic inequality and refugee crises.

AIIA Research Chair, Professor Mark Beeson of the University of Western Australia sat down with Flavia Bellieni Zimmerman of AIIA for WA to discuss ‘Navigating the New International Disorder: Australia in World Affairs 2011 to 2015’, a new book edited by Beeson and Shahar Hameiri. Their conversation covers the significance of the relative decline of the United States, the meaning of the Pivot to Asia, and the challenges that Australia faces in the region.

Mark Beeson is AIIA Research Chair ad Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Western Australia.

Interview by Flavia Bellieni Zimmerman.

Filming and Editing by Nancye Miles-Tweedie.

Navigating the New International Disorder: Australia in World Affairs 2011-2015 is the latest edition in the AIIA’s Australia in World Affairs series.