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The Estonian e-Governance Story

08 Apr 2017
Interview with Dr Arvo Ott

The digital revolution is changing the way governments deliver services, listen to voters and develop policy. Estonia has been an e-governance leader since the early nineties and is now exporting its e-governance expertise worldwide.

Taking advantage of new technologies is much more than a technical challenge: it requires significant organisational adjustments and complementary legislative frameworks. In northeastern Europe, Estonia’s comprehensive model of e-governance has accomplished this and is used an example in the developed and developing worlds.

Shortly before the EU-Australia Leadership Forum (EUALF) sectoral workshop on Digital Development, Executive Director of the Estonian e-Governance Academy, Dr Arvo Ott, spoke with Australian Outlook Editor Cameron Steer about the benefits of e-governance, implementing e-governance in developing countries and managing cyber threats.

Dr Arvo Ott is executive director of the e-Governance Academy in Estonia. Before joining the e-Governance Academy, Arvo served as the head of the Department of State Information Systems at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. In that role he was responsible for Estonia’s e-government strategy planning and implementation for more than 12 years.

Interviewed by Cameron Steer.

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