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The Changing Nature of International Humanitarianism

18 Dec 2018
Interview with Associate Professor Jacinta O'Hagan

In July 2018, the IPSA World Congress in Brisbane set the theme of the change in international humanitarianism, which presents both challenges and opportunities.

Humanitarianism increasingly relies upon the contributions of NGOs and the private sector to complement the work of states. In addition, the increasing use of military forces threatens to undermine the principle of humanitarian actors being politically impartial. Furthermore, the decline in Australia’s contribution is a cause for concern.

Jacinta O’Hagan is Associate Professor at the School of Political Science and International Studies in the University of Queensland and Director of the School’s Graduate Centre in Governance and International Affairs. Her principal areas of teaching are international history, humanitarianism and culture in world politics.

Interview by Gavin Mount.

Video and editing by Tommy Chai.