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Australia's Security and the US Alliance

18 Oct 2018
Interview with Dr Elsina Wainwright AM
The Australian Outlook Editor, Tommy Chai, interviewed Dr Elsina Wainwright AM  from the US studies Centre at the 2018 AIIA National Conference on 15 October.

In an uncertain geostrategic era, Australia should continue to strengthen its alliance with the US without putting all its eggs in one basket.

While President Donald Trump has deep-seated views – a protectionist bent and scepticism of multilateral arrangement and alliances – these are not the dominant views in the US. However if Trump succeeds at the next presidential election in 2020, his ideas might permeate more broadly in the American body politic.

Australia’s alliance with the US remains foundational to its defence posture. However, Australia needs to take care not to over-rely on the US alliance and needs to develop more sovereign capability and strengthen its regional partnerships.

Australian Outlook Editor Tommy Chai interviewed Dr Elsina Wainwright AM at the 2018 AIIA National Conference on 15 October.

Dr Elsina Wainwright AM is a senior fellow at the US Studies Centre in University of Sydney, and a non-resident fellow at the Center on International Cooperation in New York University. 

Filmed by William Chua.

Edited by Tommy Chai.