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Australia in World Affairs

Published 13 Jul 2017

The AIIA publishes the definitive series Australia in World Affairs on Australia’s foreign policy. This book series has been published since 1950 and is currently edited by Professor Mark Beeson and Dr Shahar Hameiri.

Navigating the New International Disorder

Navigating the New International Disorder: Australia in World Affairs 2011-2015 is the latest edition in the AIIA’s Australia in World Affairs series.

The 12th volume charts Australian foreign policy-makers’ efforts to navigate an increasingly unpredictable international environment. A shifting environment in which established and long-held Australian conceptions of international politics appear to be challenged due to the rise of China and the intensification of a host of non-traditional security concerns, such as Islamic State, climate change and, for some, irregular migration.

It describes the years between 2011 and 2015, a period of considerable domestic political instability in which Australia had four prime ministers, two removed by their own parties, and three foreign ministers, as characterised by economic and security volatility, globally and regionally – ‘the old order is dying, the new struggling to be born’.

The thematic chapters cover and analyse major developments in important areas of foreign policy and are written by some of the foremost experts working in Australia today. It is a valuable resource for specialists, students and interested readers alike, seeking to understand the forces shaping Australian foreign policy in our time.

The AIIA price for the book is A$95.00 compared to a standard price of A$110.00; AIIA members pay only A$85.00 when ordering directly from the AIIA. There are also discounts available for those purchasing eBooks through the AIIA (RRP $87.95/Non-members $75/Members $65). Please note that delivery of physical copies will incur a $15 fee to cover postage costs.

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Australia in World Affairs 2006-2010 – Middle Power Dreaming

Middle Power Dreaming: Australia in World Affairs 2006-2010. was released in December 2011 and can be ordered using the order form below.

The 11th volume in the Australia in World Affairs series charts Australia’s foreign policy recalibration after the Howard government’s bilateral approach via the “Rudd experiment” to the young Gillard administration. It describes the years between 2006 and 2010 as an era characterised by the Global Financial Crisis, disillusionment regarding the War on Terror, and the dawn of the Asian century.

The AIIA price for the book is A$79.95 compared to a standard price of A$90.65; AIIA members pay only A$59.95 when ordering directly from the AIIA. Packages combining the issue with the Australia in World Affairs 1950-2000 CD-ROM are also available. An eBook edition (9780195519013, $79.86) is available through the publisher and VitalSource (

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Australia in World Affairs – Trading on Alliance Security 2001-2005

The previous issue Trading on Alliance Security, covering the years 2001-2005, charts the Howard government’s response to a particularly demanding external environment, in an era when foreign policy issues had a significant impact on domestic electoral politics.

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Australia in World Affairs – 1950-2000 (CD-ROM)

This CD-ROM outlines Australia’s turbulent foreign policy between 1950 and 2000 as seen through the AIIA’s successful series Australia in World Affairs series. Nine volumes totalling 3,500 pages are now available in searchable pdf format, providing an invaluable resource for those interested in Australia’s foreign policy.

There are only a few countries in the world which can pride themselves of having their foreign policy since 1950 as continually scholarly researched and commented as Australia. This remarkable collection is especially useful for policy-makers, diplomats, historians, researchers, academics, and professors offering courses on Australian foreign affairs, international relations, Australia’s diplomatic history, and the political evolution of the Pacific Rim area.

In fact, it is Australia’s diplomatic history at its most convenient and accessible, and a treasure trove of ideas, successes, and setbacks. Limited edition only.

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1995-2000 Edition – The National Interest in a Global Era

Copies are available at the AIIA National Office.

1991-95 Edition – Seeking Asian Engagement (Edited by Prof James Cotton and Dr John Ravenhill)

Copies are available at the AIIA National Office.

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