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Quarterly Access - Winter Editorial

Published 02 Jul 2017
Nina Roxburgh and Tamara Tubakovic

Michael Coghlan/flickr

Welcome readers, to the latest issue of Quarterly Access Volume 10.

It is with great pleasure that I announce a big change in our editorial team. We have welcomed three new editors: Bernadette Anvia, Kelly Rogan, and Finian Cullity, and our new Social Media Officer, Jeremy Rees.

Be prepared to see a lot more coming out of QA headquarters!

Which brings me to our special issue today on refugees, migration, and the Asia Pacific. This issue was inspired by a conversation I had with some colleagues, where we landed on the realisation that the intensity of the EU crisis meant that we had all been distracted from paying attention to what is happening in our region.

While the EU crisis is not even close to its end, the same is true for the ongoing refugee and migration issues in the Asia Pacific

This edition captures an array of discussion from various different angles. It’s not all crises, with equal emphasis on positive discussions and explorations of research.

In ‘Looking Into’, Jasmine Dawson writes on Australia’s treatment of LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers, and understanding protection struggles. This is a topic that doesn’t get much coverage on its own, and is a fascinating read.

Newly joined editor, Bernadette Anvia interviewed Eri Ishikawa of the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR). Japan is such a curious country to consider in terms of refugee policy. Its funding is vast, but its intake is miniscule.

Vivian Rivera, who is a Global Voices delegate, has written an article on flaws of social inclusion approaches in Australia, and how Community Capacity Building can dramatically impact the integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees in Australian societies.

Elisa Solomon, a past contributor to QA, has tackled the problems of migrant smuggling and irregular immigration to Malaysia and its neighbours. She discusses the policy challenges in resolving these complex issues.

Lastly, we have a book review of Daniel Bell’s The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy by Caitlin Kelly. This is a great read on the value and failings of China’s meritocracy.

Happy reading,

Nina Roxburgh, Editor-in-Chief