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AIIA NSW Links with Business Councils

Published 01 May 2020

As previously reported, AIIA NSW has taken first steps to connect with business and industry groups to widen our intellectual base and provide an avenue for the various parties to share common information.

There are 2 main silos in which international information is stored

  • The AIIA is a body which has international expertise and interests, particularly in policy areas, and is an expert source of information on other countries relevant to risk assessment for businesses.
  • The Business Councils and Chambers of Commerce have solid information on the commercial activities and policy of Australia’s commercial partners.

All groups have synergistic information which could be of interest and/or benefit to the other from time to time, consequently we are making this move to link with and share information.  There will be a number of activities we will undertake in conjunction with the Councils and similarly, our AIIA members can participate in the activities arranged by the councils.

We have initially established links with

Australia Indonesia Business Council [AIBC]

Australia Malaysia Business Council [AMBC],

Australia Thailand Business Council [ATBC]


We expect that interesting and informative functions will be available to our members and subscribers in the future.