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AIIA NSW December News

Published 12 Dec 2020

From the middle of March 2020, AIIA NSW postponed their weekly events due to the COVID-19 restrictions and instead introduced a weekly newsletter, “Columns from Glover Cottages”, sent out every Thursday to our subscribers.

For our last two issues of Columns for the year, we have moved to a different format in which councillors are nominating the major items that have particularly stirred their interest during the past year.

Here are the two Newsletters published in December 2020:

10 December 2020 Newsletter

17 December 2020 Newsletter

and the End of Year Message from our President, Ian Lincoln:

End Of Year Message News


At our last meeting in December we had a roundtable discussion about 2020/2021.  Here are copies of the talks from two of our participants, both Fellows of the AIIA, recently published in John Menadue’s blog, Pearls and Irritations:

Jocelyn Chey,  The Murder of 2020 by Jocelyn Chey

and Geoff Miller, The World after 2020 by Geoff Miller