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Politics, Reporting on How the World Works

09 Mar 2019
By Michael Brissenden

In this episode of the AIIA VIC’s Dyason House podcast, the ABC‘s Michael Brissenden discusses his career as a political reporter and a foreign correspondent.

Politics, it’s at the heart of everything, from persecution to prosperity, war or peace, justice or injustice – how governments govern affects us all. Michael Brissenden is one of the few tasked with holding governments accountable. A Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent and political reporter, Michael has reported on how the world works throughout Europe, the Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

If you’ve dreamed of being a political reporter, foreign correspondent, politician or have the slightest interest in politics, you’ll enjoy every second of this fast-paced conversation. Michael discusses his career journey, why we should all care about politics and tips for aspiring political reporters and foreign correspondents.

Michael Brissenden is a reporter and political correspondent for the ABC. He began his career in the 1980s covering Federal politics for the ABC radio current affairs programs AM and PM. He has since worked as host of AM, defence correspondent, 7.30 political editor and the ABC TV Current Affairs Washington correspondent. In 1994 he was posted to Moscow and subsequently Brussels as correspondent for ABC radio and television. As a foreign correspondent Michael covered many of the biggest international stories of the past two decades.

Interviewed by Peter Bateman.