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Modi's Hindu Nationalism: A Pyrrhic Victory

18 Dec 2017
By Dr Kimberley Layton

In the three years since his election, what has Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unique fusing of religion, political ideology and tradition meant for the world’s largest democracy?

Mr Modi’s charismatic oratory and distinctly nationalistic image has seen his BJP Party continue to surge ahead of the Indian National Congress, once the party of Mahatma Gandhi. Against this background, some have claimed Modi’s leadership has precipitated a new, less diverse, less welcoming India.

Dr Kimberley Layton of the University of New South Wales researches Hindu nationalism in India’s international relations, looking at the relevance and resonance of policies undertaken by the BJP government.

Dr Layton spoke to AIIA National Office intern Nicholas Taylor about Hindu nationalism under Narendra Modi’s prime ministership after presenting at AIIA’s ACT Branch on 22 November 2017.

Dr Kimberley Layton holds a PhD in international studies from the University of New South Wales, where her research focused on Hindu nationalism in the Indian diaspora. She is also a former AIIA Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship Holder and National Office Intern.

Interview by Nicholas Taylor, AIIA National Office.

Filmed by Nicholas Prehn, Australia Outlook Editor.