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Health Security Policy and Politics

21 Apr 2020
Interview with Associate Professor Adam Kamradt-Scott
Coronavirus patients at the Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, Iran. Source: Mohsen Atayi

Global health issues are once again high on the international agenda. Assoc. Prof. Adam Kamradt-Scott discusses the global context of health security policy and international efforts to tackle health crises.

To mark the week of World Health Day (7 April), AIIA Victoria hosted Assoc. Prof. Adam Kamradt-Scott, an expert on global health security at Sydney University’s Centre for International Security Studies, for a live webcast.

Adam’s background includes being a Registered Nurse, political adviser, and public servant in Prime Minister & Cabinet where he was part of the team tasked with revising, testing, and updating Australia’s pandemic plans. Much of his research since then has been on the World Health Organization, pandemic flu, SARS, and of course now COVID-19.