Lest We Forget – The Western Front

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Lest We Forget – The Western Front

Australia’s Ambassador to France Mr Stephen Brady AO CVO reflects on the ANZAC role on the Western Front and the sacrifice made by both...

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  • When Allies “Misspeak”

    When Allies “Misspeak”

    David Shear’s statement about placing B-1 bombers in Australia, and the reaction by officials in the US and Australia, reflects underlying tensions within the alliance. When US Defence Department Assistant Secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs David Shear recently suggested that the US planned to place B-1 bombers in Australia as... More >
  • Glitz Meets Politics: an Australian Viewer’s Guide to Eurovision Voting

    Glitz Meets Politics: an Australian Viewer’s Guide to Eurovision Voting

    There is no denying that Eurovision is political, and separating the geopolitics of Europe from this contest remains impossible. After years of being sidelined as observers, 2015 marks the year Australians can finally get involved in the Eurovision Song Contest. Not only will Guy Sebastian become our first official entry, but Australians will... More >
  • Yemen: Faint Hopes for Peace

    Yemen: Faint Hopes for Peace

    The US’s declining significance as a regional security guarantor in the Middle East, and Iran’s growing regional influence, offers little hope for a permanent truce in Yemen. For nearly two months, Operation Decisive Storm, led by Saudi Arabia and supported by 11 other nations including the US, has torn apart Yemen and ushered in yet... More >
  • Conversations on an Indonesian Train

    Conversations on an Indonesian Train

    Dr Francis Palmos recounts his travels in East Java and conversations held with local people, most of whom were largely uninterested in the topic of the Bali executions and capital punishment. Back in 1961 I learned my Indonesian from student friends and by listening to the Imams in small mosques in Kampung Bali, an inner suburb... More >
  • China’s Hmong Go Uncounted

    China’s Hmong Go Uncounted

    The Hmong, an ethnic group which comprises 3 million people scattered across China, are not formally recognised by the government and suffer from poor access to health services and low-quality education. In recent years Uyghur and Tibetan issues have captured most of the national and international attention granted to China’s minorities. Yet... More >


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