AIIA 2014 National Conference

Australian Outlook

AIIA 2014 National Conference

Foreign Policy for a Top 20 Nation Monday 27 October 2014, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra For 90 years, the Australian Institute of International Affairs...

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  • Stopping The Spillover

    Stopping The Spillover

    To avoid stagnation in the future world economy, G20 nations need to remain vigilant of their various fiscal and monetary policies and ensure they don’t result in undesirable spillover effects, writes Dr Paola Subacchi. Has the worldfinally shrugged off the effects of the Global Financial Crisis? Are we now back to normal? Certainly, the... More >
  • Has NATO Become a Threat to World Peace?

    Has NATO Become a Threat to World Peace?

    The alliance has taken on decidedly imperialist hues of late, but poking the Russian bear amounts to strategic idiocy, writes Professor Ramesh Thakur. Did NATO leaders create a crisis to justify its continued existence and expansion in membership, mission, and reach? Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, The Nation editor Katrina... More >
  • The Islamic State: A Geopolitical Analysis
    Fresh Perspectives

    The Islamic State: A Geopolitical Analysis

    As the initial shock of the Islamic State (IS) dissipates, Joshua Brown provides insight on where and how these events came to be, and importantly, how this changes western engagement with the region. As an Al-Qaeda affiliate that rose to notoriety during the Syrian conflict, the rise of IS has taken the world by surprise. Their rapid... More >
  • Ongoing Rift in the GCC Unlikely to Lead to Disintegration

    Ongoing Rift in the GCC Unlikely to Lead to Disintegration

    While the Gulf Co-operation Council faces unprecedented challenges, these are not, as yet, significant enough to threaten the existence of the organisation. Background The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) is the only institution that brings together the six oil-rich states of the Arabian Peninsula. It has helped to ensure the stability of the... More >
  • The Leaders Must Lead

    The Leaders Must Lead

    If Brisbane G20 is to succeed, then sticking to key issues of boosting growth, strengthening economic resilience and getting the Leaders to back reforms is paramount, observes Britain’s Stephen Pickford.   The culmination of the Brisbane Summit comes at a time when the G20 needs reinvigorating most, and Australia has set out... More >


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