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  • China Through Australian Eyes

    China Through Australian Eyes

    In the ongoing debate about Australia’s ‘China choice‘, many acknowledge that Australia must engage with China on its own terms, acting on the imperatives of national interest rather than ideology or history. This requires occasionally going against the grain of Australia’s traditional foreign policy positions; in particular,... More >
  • Syria: A Changing Balance of Power

    Syria: A Changing Balance of Power

    The Syrian catastrophe staggers on from outrage to outrage reaching, as the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon recently observed, a “new level of depravity” with the attack on a UN aid convoy in northern Syria. Refugee flows continue with significant repercussions beyond the region. And, of course, the killing goes on.... More >
  • American Politics in the Time of Trump

    American Politics in the Time of Trump

    Every four years the people of the United States of America choose the person they think most likely to keep them free and safe; and to decide what their country’s interests are and how they should be pursued. Among those interests are the interests of national security, which means they are in effect choosing the person... More >
  • New Platform for EU-Australia Relations
    Issues Brief

    New Platform for EU-Australia Relations

    The EU and Australia reinforced their strong relationship earlier this month with the launch in Brussels of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum. Against the background of the ongoing EU-Australia free trade agreement negotiations and increasing international disorder, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and High Representative of the EU,... More >
  • Peace Day: An Opportunity for Reflection

    Peace Day: An Opportunity for Reflection

    The International Day of Peace was inaugurated by the United Nations in 1981 and is celebrated on 21 September across the globe. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of peace and to think about the role of the UN in creating a more peaceful world. The General Assembly has declared this as... More >


Reading Room

Reading Room: Theorising the Responsibility to Protect

While the catastrophes of Rwanda, Srebrenica and Kosovo in the 1990s provided the recent focus for the...

Reading Room: Civil Resistance in West Papua

Injustices continue to be perpetrated upon the people of West Papua. Consequently, there continue to be...

Reading Room: Deepening India-Japan Relations

Only a couple of decades ago, scholarly interest in India–Japan relations was almost non-existent. Since...