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  • Cambodia’s Peace After 25 Years

    Cambodia’s Peace After 25 Years

    This week it is 25 years since the Paris Peace Accords marked the official beginning of the end of the violent civil war in Cambodia. The anniversary offers an opportunity to reflect on the hard-won lessons of how to rebuild after decades of conflict, the challenge of postwar justice, and how Cambodian peacebuilding efforts might be useful to... More >
  • Invisible Security: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Fresh Perspectives

    Invisible Security: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Modern theatres of conflict are dependent on communications technology and the electromagnetic spectrum is a vital part of this. However, history shows dominance of this vital realm is not achieved on the battlefield but through intelligence and technology developed long before. Land, air, sea and space, all these domains are visible in one... More >
  • Australia Can Help End Polio

    Australia Can Help End Polio

    The eradication of polio is absolutely achievable. The disease remains present in just a few countries and the vaccine required to immunise children against polio costs only 13 cents per dose. On World Polio Day on 24 October, Australia should know that the disease can be eliminated by coordinated global action and that Australia can play a... More >
  • Australia, Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

    Australia, Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

    Relations between Australia and Indonesia are able to withstand sporadic challenges because of the breadth, depth and strength of the relationship. However, there remain opportunities for the economic and strategic partnership to be enhanced. Increasing Chinese and Indian power in the Indo-Pacific region means that this process should be... More >
  • The EU and Australia: Natural Partners

    The EU and Australia: Natural Partners

    There is a tendency in some quarters in Australia to discount the European Union and this has only been amplified by the impending exit of the UK. However, even post-Brexit the EU will remain a significant international player and an important partner for Australia. The EU is unusual in that it is a great power... More >


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