Diary of a Foreign Minister

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Diary of a Foreign Minister

Bob Carr took on the job of Australian foreign minister believing, as he doesn’t hesitate to tell us in his Diary of a Foreign Minister,...

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  • Issues Brief
    Issues Brief

    Issues Brief

    “That book” became an issue this week. Bob Carr’s Diary of a Foreign Minister has been – to use the former foreign minister’s own vernacular – “selling like hot cakes.” It just goes to prove that there is a future in non-fiction provided that the publication is topical, well-written, brilliantly... More >
  • Can a Nuclear Armed State Champion the Cause of Nuclear Disarmament?

    Can a Nuclear Armed State Champion the Cause of Nuclear Disarmament?

    The strategic rationale for nuclear weapons has disappeared since the end of the Cold War. The establishment of a global ‘no first-use’ norm would lay the groundwork for further reductions in nuclear arsenals. Forty-four years after the NPT came into force, the world still finds itself perilously close to the edge of the nuclear... More >
  • Australia’s Free Trade Trophies?

    Australia’s Free Trade Trophies?

    Recent bilateral trade deals will lead to commercial benefits. The next steps are pursuing good multi-party agreements and using the momentum to move the centre of the world trading system back to multilateralism. From much of the recent commentary on the new free trade agreements (FTAs) with Japan and Korea, one could easily conclude that... More >
  • Japan and Australia ‘Beef Up’ Relations

    Japan and Australia ‘Beef Up’ Relations

    The Economic Partnership Agreement that Japan recently signed with Australia (JAEPA) has everything to do with Japanese trade strategy and little if anything to do with agricultural reform. Some of the commentary on the agreement has argued that JAEPA was the product of Abe’s reform agenda, but it is neither part of that agenda nor will... More >
  • Is Australia’s Economic Diplomacy Succeeding?
    The Burning Question

    Is Australia’s Economic Diplomacy Succeeding?

    Expert Panel-Fellows of the AIIA Hilary Charlesworth FAIIA-Professor, ANU; Director of Centre for International Governance and Justice Jocelyn Chey AM FAIIA-Visiting Professor, University of Sydney; former Consul-General in Hong Kong James Cotton FAIIA-Emeritus Professor at the University of NSW Rawdon Dalrymple AO FAIIA-Former Visiting... More >


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