AIIA 2014 National Conference

Australian Outlook

AIIA 2014 National Conference

Foreign Policy for a Top 20 Nation Monday 27 October 2014, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra For 90 years, the Australian Institute of International Affairs...

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  • A Change-Up is Needed

    A Change-Up is Needed

    Staying ahead of the curve: in the wake of an ever-evolving global market, Mike Callaghan discusses the Brisbane G20 Summit’s vital role in calling for worldwide economic institutions to adapt, reform and change their practices or risk continued unwieldiness. In an increasingly integrated global economy, effective multilateral economic... More >
  • Restoring – and Improving – Relations with Indonesia
    Issues Brief

    Restoring – and Improving – Relations with Indonesia

    This week saw public recognition that relations between Canberra and Jakarta have been fully restored with the signing of a new code of conduct agreement by foreign minister Julie Bishop and her Indonesian counterpart, Marty Natalegawa. Mr Natalegawa described the signing as marking a “very special and important day. ” Ms Bishop... More >
  • Epidemic Ethics: Four Lessons from the Current Ebola Outbreak

    Epidemic Ethics: Four Lessons from the Current Ebola Outbreak

    The extent of the current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has belatedly focused the attention of non-governmental organisations, local and Western governments, and international media. What we haven’t caught up with though, is the extent to which these outbreaks and their devastating effects are predictable and preventable. The... More >
  • Why the US struggles against Japan in TPP negotiations

    Why the US struggles against Japan in TPP negotiations

    Professor Aurelia George Mulgan looks into the negotiation dynamics between the United States and Japan during the talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Real progress in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations has stalled until Japan and the United States reach some kind of basic trade agreement — which is still elusive... More >
  • Energising Emerging Economies

    Energising Emerging Economies

    As a major oil exporter and positive influence on stabilising global energy markets, Saudi Arabia’s role in the G20 is a benevolent one – especially in assisting developing economies, writes Dr Abdulaziz Sager. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to the G20. As the largest representation of the global economy... More >


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