Being a Top 20 Defence Player

Australian Outlook

Being a Top 20 Defence Player

The Australian Institute of International Affairs ran a high-quality conference in Canberra yesterday around the theme of ‘Foreign Policy for a...

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  • G20: Coming Full Circle

    G20: Coming Full Circle

    At the Saint Petersburg 2013 Summit, G20 countries made a number of concrete commitments and turning them into results will be beneficial for the global economy, says Russia’s Ludmila Khudyakova. In the current world economy, the main goals of G20’s Saint Petersburg presidency—boosting economic growth, creating new jobs and financial... More >
  • Reopening Past Grievances in New Caledonia

    Reopening Past Grievances in New Caledonia

    A request for UN mediation, and the discord evident at the Committee of Noumea Accord Signatories on 4 October, show that old wounds are reopening in New Caledonia as pro-France and pro-independence groups stake their claims in advance of the independence referendum due by 2018. After mounting signs of disunity in recent months, on 8 October... More >
  • Issues Brief
    Issues Brief

    Issues Brief

    The Government announced last Monday that it plans to seek UN Security Council support for a series of measures to deal with current pressing security issues. Speaking on behalf of prime minister Tony Abbott and foreign minister, Julie Bishop, Senator Brett Mason said, “we have big plans”. The first would be a collective effort to... More >
  • Can Australia Remain a Top 20 Nation?
    The Burning Question

    Can Australia Remain a Top 20 Nation?

    Expert Panel-Fellows of the AIIA Hilary Charlesworth FAIIA-Professor, ANU; Director of Centre for International Governance and Justice Jocelyn Chey AM FAIIA-Visiting Professor, University of Sydney; former Consul-General in Hong Kong James Cotton FAIIA-Emeritus Professor at the University of NSW Rawdon Dalrymple AO FAIIA-Former Visiting... More >
  • G20: Be the Mentor, not the Master

    G20: Be the Mentor, not the Master

    While the G20’s authority may be somewhat limited, it enjoys the unique position to advise, guide and recommend global economic policy through “informal minilateralism”, says France’s Françoise Nicolas. Although the G20 has been in existence in its current form for more than five years now, there is still disagreement as to what it can and... More >


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