AIIA 2014 National Conference

Australian Outlook

AIIA 2014 National Conference

Foreign Policy for a Top 20 Nation Monday 27 October 2014, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra For 90 years, the Australian Institute of International Affairs...

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  • Potential for a Light-Bulb Moment

    Potential for a Light-Bulb Moment

    A G20 emphasis on energy infrastructure, reducing impractical subsidies, better technology and instituting new rules will strengthen global energy market resilience, argues Professor Xu Yi-Chong As the world’s largest energy producers and consumers, all G20 members face the challenge of securing safe, reliable and sustainable energy... More >
  • Playing the Long Game: the Demise of China’s ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ in the South China Sea

    Playing the Long Game: the Demise of China’s ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ in the South China Sea

    China continues to play a long game in asserting its territorial claims and hegemonic ambitions in the South China Sea (SCS). After its confrontation with Vietnam over the Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig in May this year, Beijing has recently announced that it intends to build lighthouses on five islands in the SCS, two of... More >
  • Medieval War Crimes in Iraq and Syria
    Issues Brief

    Medieval War Crimes in Iraq and Syria

    The medieval public beheading of an American journalist by an apparently British jihadist has reignited a sense of indignation about the need to resolve the many pressing problems of the Middle East. These include but are not limited to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the civil war in Syria, the long-standing Shia-Sunni feud, and the rise and... More >
  • Breaking the Deadlocks

    Breaking the Deadlocks

    The time has come for greater collaboration and dedicated action from all members if the G20 is to fulfil its promise and remain a relevant force in the world economy, warns China’s Wei Min. At the Pittsburgh Summit, the G20 was designated as the “premier forum for international economic governance”. Now, four and a half... More >
  • Beijing Moves to Consolidate Agricultural Sector

    Beijing Moves to Consolidate Agricultural Sector

    Summary South China Morning Post reported Aug. 14 that China’s Agricultural Cultivation Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture had taken control of around 1,700 farms and 3,200 agricultural companies in sectors that include seed distribution, dairy production and rubber cultivation. This followed several similar consolidations of... More >


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