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  • Wanted: A UN Secretary-General with Courage and Integrity

    Wanted: A UN Secretary-General with Courage and Integrity

    Outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had strong words for both Syria and Russia last week in the UN General Assembly. Yet this conviction has largely been absent on other equally outrageous occasions during his tenure. Nearly always, the UN chief is not what the world needs—an independent and activist secretary-general—but what the... More >
  • Shifts in Australia-Indonesia Relations

    Shifts in Australia-Indonesia Relations

    Since 2011, Indonesia has transformed from a regional leader to a global influencer; it has strengthened economically and gained stability from the consolidation of its democracy. However, Australian perceptions of Indonesia have not changed to reflect these shifts. For the bilateral relationship to achieve its promise, leaders in each sector... More >
  • Challenges to Australian Cyber Security

    Challenges to Australian Cyber Security

    Cyber warfare represents a growing threat to national security and to how we live our lives. However the response to such threats is still evolving. Threats can take the form of attacks on specific systems or a catastrophic digital assault. Australia and other countries need to take steps to mitigate the effectiveness of such threats... More >
  • Happy Birthday Sustainable Development Goals

    Happy Birthday Sustainable Development Goals

    One year ago, all UN member states signed on to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It was an unprecedented step toward creating a more inclusive and equitable society, underpinned by the principle that no one is to be left behind. Australia has made a number of commitments to this transformative agenda, but... More >
  • Botswana: Independence at Midnight

    Botswana: Independence at Midnight

    Amidst the kaleidoscope of African country experiences Botswana’s tale stands out. Fifty years ago this week, at midnight on 30 September 1966, Bechuanaland, a British protectorate since 1885, benefited from the ‘wind of change’ and became the 38th newly independent country on the continent as Botswana. At the time Botswana was rated the least... More >


Reading Room

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Reading Room: Theorising the Responsibility to Protect

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Reading Room: Civil Resistance in West Papua

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