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  • What Brexit Decision Means for Australia

    What Brexit Decision Means for Australia

    Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has opened a fundamental crack in the western world. Australia’s relationship with the United Kingdom is grounded in the UK’s relationship with the EU. Given Australia’s strong and enduring ties with the UK and the EU, the shockwaves from this epoch-defining event will be felt in Australia soon... More >
  • Brexit: Russia and Europe’s Far Right
    Fresh Perspectives

    Brexit: Russia and Europe’s Far Right

    The British referendum offers Russia a welcome opportunity to further undermine European stability. For the Russian government a divided Europe is a goal that would allow it to exert greater economic and political influence in the region and regain influence in the Eastern European states that are increasingly looking west instead of east. The... More >
  • Brexit: Implications for African Integration
    Fresh Perspectives

    Brexit: Implications for African Integration

    The British vote to leave the European Union prompts thought about the implications for African integration initiatives. An early assessment suggests Brexit presents both challenges and opportunities. Brexit brings economic opportunities for Africa in terms of a weakened European bloc, which has been a very powerful lobby for greater... More >
  • How a Brexit could Impact on Australia

    How a Brexit could Impact on Australia

    The outcome of the British vote to leave or remain in the EU will be known in Australia today around 2.00 pm EST. A Brexit could potentially mean turmoil in offshore markets severely impacting Australia’s trade in the longer term. This could also have severe ramifications for employment and economic growth. Since becoming a member of the... More >
  • Terrorists Hijacking Cyberspace

    Terrorists Hijacking Cyberspace

    The use of the Internet by terrorist groups and individuals has been an evolving phenomenon since the 1990s. But the convergence of broadband, social media and mobile devices has compounded the volume and speed of propaganda to a staggering level. It is this current wave of terrorist use of information and communications technology that... More >
  • Modern Slavery in the Middle East

    Modern Slavery in the Middle East

    The Middle East and North Africa region is a volatile breeding ground for modern slavery. With government policies that promote the kafala system exploiting workers’ rights and allow forced marriages to become the cultural norm, it is important to look at how they are holding the region back from achieving its development potential. The... More >


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