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  • Foreign Money, Geopolitics and Prosperity

    Foreign Money, Geopolitics and Prosperity

    The future security and prosperity of Australia is reliant on sensible engagement with Asia. The country must learn to be more welcoming towards Chinese foreign investment, just as it has been to investment from other countries for the last two centuries. Australia should also pursue comprehensive strategic relationships with both China and... More >
  • US and Russia: A Pacific Reconciliation?

    US and Russia: A Pacific Reconciliation?

    Russia’s Far East is just as susceptible to Chinese power as the countries of the Indo-Pacific and if the country wants to shore up control over this region, repairing relations with the US will be essential. It is also in America’s interest to have Russia as an independent power in Asia rather than being China’s satellite. However,... More >
  • The Evolving US-Asia Alliance Network

    The Evolving US-Asia Alliance Network

    America’s presence in the Asia-Pacific is evolving beyond its traditional alliance network into a web of alliances, new partnerships and creative linkages.  How it continues to transform will depend on the outcome of the US presidential election and how the new president moves forward after a bruising and domestically introspective campaign.... More >
  • Cambodia’s Peace After 25 Years

    Cambodia’s Peace After 25 Years

    This week it is 25 years since the Paris Peace Accords marked the official beginning of the end of the violent civil war in Cambodia. The anniversary offers an opportunity to reflect on the hard-won lessons of how to rebuild after decades of conflict, the challenge of postwar justice, and how Cambodian peacebuilding efforts might be useful to... More >
  • Science Diplomacy with Indonesia

    Science Diplomacy with Indonesia

    Global investment in research and development has almost doubled since 2000. This doubling of investment has been mirrored by growth in the importance of international engagement. International collaborations are now more important than ever for finding solutions to major global problems and enhancing economic productivity and competitiveness... More >


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