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  • Trump and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism

    Trump and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism

    The election of Donald Trump reflects a crisis of the US state, with the erosion of the legitimacy of political elites, representative institutions and the globalist orientation that has long dominated US politics. This crisis may have significant consequences for the so–called ‘rules-based’ world order. What does it mean for the future... More >
  • Trump’s Macroeconomic Gamble

    Trump’s Macroeconomic Gamble

    During his election campaign, Donald Trump simultaneously promised a major reduction in federal taxes for businesses and a trillion-dollar increase in public infrastructure spending. This contradictory double may lead to widening income inequality and a severe worsening of America’s public debt. In 2017, Trump will be in charge of the... More >
  • Tough Choices for Australia and Japan

    Tough Choices for Australia and Japan

    No two countries have more at stake in the management of the US-China relationship than Australia and Japan. China is both Australia’s and Japan’s largest trading partner and both countries are crucial allies of the United States in managing Asia-Pacific security. So the accelerated visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Sydney today, and the... More >
  • ASEAN Fragmented on Rohingya Crisis
    Fresh Perspectives

    ASEAN Fragmented on Rohingya Crisis

    Foreign ministers from the Association of South East Asian Nations met in Yangon late last year to discuss Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis. The meeting came after a series of reports from NGOs, including one from the United Nations Human Rights Council, citing brutal killings, rapes and the torching of Rohingya homes in the northern Rakhine state... More >
  • Australia’s New Consular Diplomacy

    Australia’s New Consular Diplomacy

    Globalising forces have stimulated a rapid expansion in overseas travel by Australians. As a result, Australia’s diplomats have struggled with a burgeoning consular workload. This has led to pressures on the consular service, ranging from changing demographics, travel habits and destinations to the persistent problem of the unrealistic... More >


Reading Room

Reading Room: Children’s Rights

From a refugee child to a teenage suicide bomber to Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, children play...

Reading Room: The Gatekeepers of Australian Foreign Policy

Australian diplomacy is now a fertile field with an institutional history spanning more than 80 years....

Reading Room: Abe’s Remarkable Restoration

In December 2012, Shinzō Abe achieved perhaps the most remarkable comeback of post-war Japanese politics...