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  • The Judgments Project
    Fresh Perspectives

    The Judgments Project

    For Australia, legal certainty in the enforcement of civil and commercial judgments across borders is a top priority. An improved framework for decisions is even more important after the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership earlier this year, which will deepen trade ties between Australia and its Pacific Rim trading partners. In a world... More >
  • Xi is The Man: Corruption Crackdown and Centralisation
    Fresh Perspectives

    Xi is The Man: Corruption Crackdown and Centralisation

    ­­­­­­For an increasingly globalised and connected economy, open and transparent markets are key to sustained economic growth. Yet, it is this transparency that weakens the precious influence of the Communist Party over China’s domestic political landscape. In tandem with a widespread anti-graft campaign, President Xi Jinping has centralised... More >
  • Donald Is No Ronald

    Donald Is No Ronald

    Donald Trump, who accepts the Republican presidential nomination this week, shares many uncanny similarities with Ronald Reagan. However, as the 2016 GOP Convention has vividly shown, conservative credentials and a united party aren’t among them.  It is dangerous to make too much of historical parallels. At first glance, however, the... More >
  • The Ottoman Caper

    The Ottoman Caper

    Turkey’s military coup of 15 July was foiled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s supporters. However, the aftermath is anything but forgiving. The president has declared war on Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who he accuses of being behind the coup, and is punishing his supporters in their thousands as well as demanding... More >
  • My Name is Kevin And I’m Here to Save the World

    My Name is Kevin And I’m Here to Save the World

    Kevin Rudd has asked the Australian government to nominate him for United Nations Secretary-General. The former Labor leader’s nomination is fraught with difficulties as those already in the race, including former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, former UN climate chief Christina Figueres and several candidates from Eastern... More >


Reading Room

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