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  • Australia, Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

    Australia, Indonesia and the Indo-Pacific

    Relations between Australia and Indonesia are able to withstand sporadic challenges because of the breadth, depth and strength of the relationship. However, there remain opportunities for the economic and strategic partnership to be enhanced. Increasing Chinese and Indian power in the Indo-Pacific region means that this process should be... More >
  • The EU and Australia: Natural Partners

    The EU and Australia: Natural Partners

    There is a tendency in some quarters in Australia to discount the European Union and this has only been amplified by the impending exit of the UK. However, even post-Brexit the EU will remain a significant international player and an important partner for Australia. The EU is unusual in that it is a great power... More >
  • Is Hong Kong Finished?

    Is Hong Kong Finished?

    Can China be trusted to keep its written promises on Hong Kong? More precisely, can President Xi Jinping, chairman of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China, be trusted to honour his country’s legal obligations? These are not academic questions, unlike the much-debated but as yet hypothetical issue posed by Professor Hugh... More >
  • Australia as an Honest Broker in the Iran-Saudi Dispute

    Australia as an Honest Broker in the Iran-Saudi Dispute

    Australia has a well-developed relationship with Saudi Arabia and members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as Iran. There is an abundance of goodwill for Australia throughout the region and across the divide. But this capital is seriously under-utilised and Australia is punching well below its weight.  In late September Australia’s... More >
  • Lebanon: On Remembering and Forgetting

    Lebanon: On Remembering and Forgetting

    Lebanon has a great deal to be concerned about: the absence of a president, the most concentrated refugee influx per capita in the world, a poor economic outlook, latent terror threats and failing infrastructure. And whilst perhaps it has become a cliché, the fact is many of the problems affecting the country remain connected to its... More >


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