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  • Trump 100: A New Approach Towards Beijing

    Trump 100: A New Approach Towards Beijing

    Contrary to widespread concerns about a troubled Sino-American relationship, Beijing and Washington DC have demonstrated remarkable pragmatism in managing their differences over Trump’s first 100 days. President Trump might ironically find in Beijing an unexpected partner for his ‘American First’ agenda. When Donald Trump was elected as... More >
  • Trump 100: Five Eyes Concern

    Trump 100: Five Eyes Concern

    Allegations that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team colluded with Russian intelligence to influence the American election results deeply concerned allies in the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network. One hundred days into Donald Trump’s presidency, concerns about Trump’s reliability remain unresolved. Donald Trump’s brief term as US... More >
  • Trump 100: Climate Change Retreat
    Fresh Perspectives

    Trump 100: Climate Change Retreat

    In his first 100 days, US President Donald Trump has upended US climate policy. Unless he changes course, his administration may reverse hard-won international progress in the fight against climate change and Trump’s own voters will be among the losers. The rise of nationalist populism in the West, vividly illustrated by Brexit and the... More >
  • Is Exercise Malabar Another Snag in Australia-India Relations?

    Is Exercise Malabar Another Snag in Australia-India Relations?

    Reports that the Indian government intends to block Australia’s participation in this year’s Malabar naval exercises are a setback for Canberra. However, better indicators of the health of the Australia-India bilateral relationship may be found elsewhere. When Malcolm Turnbull returned from India earlier this month, it looked as though the... More >
  • Revolution Postponed in French First Round

    Revolution Postponed in French First Round

    The first round of voting in the French presidential election delivered centrist Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen of the far-right Front National through to the second round. Polling suggests Macron will comfortably win the presidency: his real challenge will come after the June parliamentary elections. One day after obtaining second place in... More >


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