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  • May’s Master Stroke

    May’s Master Stroke

    By calling an early election for June, British Prime Minister Theresa May has not only surprised political observers but also cunningly ensured her own hold on power during the upcoming Brexit negotiations. With an increased parliamentary majority, she will be free to negotiate whatever deal she can in Brussels. Shakespeare would have enjoyed... More >
  • Jakarta’s Election: Indonesian Democracy in Microcosm

    Jakarta’s Election: Indonesian Democracy in Microcosm

    This year’s election in Jakarta is a proxy battle between the larger forces of Indonesia’s national politics. If the incumbent, Ahok, loses on 19 April, it will be a victory for those seeking to unseat President Jokowi in 2019 as well as Islamic conservatives. On 19 April, the residents of Jakarta will vote in the... More >
  • Will the French Vote Bring Revolution or Paralysis?

    Will the French Vote Bring Revolution or Paralysis?

    The emergence of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron as the leading candidates in this weekend’s French presidential election reflects a crisis of faith in the country’s political elites. Looking beyond Sunday, it is unclear that either of the outsider candidates can fulfil their promises: paralysis may instead result. In the upcoming... More >
  • Policy Priorities for South Korea’s Next President

    Policy Priorities for South Korea’s Next President

    Following North Korea’s failed missile test, the usual set of suggestions for South Korean foreign policy will be trotted out: fix the relationship with China and strengthen relations with the US and Japan. But the looming presidential election is an opportunity to focus less on missile defence and more on modernising the nation’s policy... More >
  • New Directions for the EU in Asia

    New Directions for the EU in Asia

    Tensions between the US and China, particularly following North Korea’s recent missile tests, are at dangerous levels. Rather than simply hope that the two superpowers will accommodate each other peacefully, the EU should be more engaged in promoting a stable economic and strategic environment in Asia. The world held its breath as Donald Trump... More >


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