A New ChAFTA in China-Australia Relations

Australian Outlook

A New ChAFTA in China-Australia Relations

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is as much in China’s interests as Australia’s, argues director of the University of...

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  • Strengthening Australia’s Security: Proposals for Reducing Nuclear Dangers

    Strengthening Australia’s Security: Proposals for Reducing Nuclear Dangers

    At the 2014 AIIA National Conference, Dr Tanya Ogilvie-White, Research Director at ANU’s Centre for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, stressed that nuclear risks are growing in the Indo-Pacific, and that Australia, with its strong history of pro-active non-proliferation and disarmament diplomacy, could do more to help alleviate those... More >
  • G20: Australia Rises to the Occasion

    G20: Australia Rises to the Occasion

    The Brisbane G20 was a considerable achievement – but there’s still work to do, explains Colin Chapman. An ABC reporter may have shocked viewers by announcing that Tony Abbott was now a $2 trillion man. No, the prime minister had not won a super lottery. He achieved something more significant: a consensus from the leaders... More >
  • Terrorism in Numbers
    Issues Brief

    Terrorism in Numbers

    Is the number of people dying from terrorist activity increasing? Are you more likely to be killed by terrorism than homicide? Which are the 13 countries currently at risk of increased terrorist activity? The Institute for Economics and Peace’s Global Terrorism Index 2014 has the answers. Over the past 15 years, terrorism has become one... More >
  • The Speeches of the G20

    The Speeches of the G20

    Australians were treated to major geopolitical speeches three times in five days, as the leaders of China, India and the United Kingdom addressed joint sessions of Parliament in Canberra. In addition, the United States president, Barack Obama, delivered a significant address to the University of Queensland, highlighting American’s policies in... More >
  • A Tale of Two Summits

    A Tale of Two Summits

    APEC and G20 are over. How do they compare, asks Tony Makin? This year the two most significant events for Australia’s international economic relations, the recently concluded 10-11 November Beijing APEC and the 15-16 November Brisbane G20 Leaders’ summits, covered remarkably similar themes.  Both summits had higher economic growth as a... More >


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