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  • India-China: A Game of “Go” in the Indian Ocean

    India-China: A Game of “Go” in the Indian Ocean

    The economic and strategic interests of India and China are converging in the Indian Ocean. For India, the nation’s desire for greater power requires a region of the world in which it is predominant; for China, its continuing economic development is dependent on the region for energy security and crucial trade routes. These interests are... More >
  • Foreign Policy White Paper: Drafting a Legacy

    Foreign Policy White Paper: Drafting a Legacy

    The foreign policy white paper announced last week by Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop is an opportunity for the government to shape a legacy by articulating the contemporary Coalition view of Australia’s place in the world. The first such white paper in 13 years will be a substantial task for the new, but very... More >
  • Praise for the ASEAN Way

    Praise for the ASEAN Way

    ASEAN has had a rough time of late. It has faced criticism over its approach to China in the South China Sea and may potentially encounter difficulties with the next US president. However, its economic achievements have been remarkable and it has managed to avoid the mistakes of other groupings such as the European Union. The ASEAN approach... More >
  • China Moves Towards Ecological Civilisation

    China Moves Towards Ecological Civilisation

    China’s old dominant discourse was one that prioritised the economy over the environment. Under President Xi Jinping this has shifted to a discourse centred on the concept of an “ecological civilisation”. This means new policy and diplomatic opportunities for China, and a brighter future for the Chinese environment.  China is... More >
  • Uruguay’s Victory Over Big Tobacco

    Uruguay’s Victory Over Big Tobacco

    Uruguay’s tough tobacco packaging-control measures were vindicated last month when a tribunal at the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes dismissed claims brought by Philip Morris.  It followed defeats for Big Tobacco related to similar legislation in Australia and the UK; but the Uruguay decision... More >


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