AIIA 2014 National Conference

Australian Outlook

AIIA 2014 National Conference

Foreign Policy for a Top 20 Nation Monday 27 October 2014, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra For 90 years, the Australian Institute of International Affairs...

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  • Quelling Future Panic over Global Food Security

    Quelling Future Panic over Global Food Security

    A valuable initiative of the G20, the formation of the Agricultural Market Information System is proving to be a calming, informed voice among growing concerns over food security, writes Abdolreza Abbassian. A cautionary tale It’s 6 August 2010, and an eye-catching headline screams from the front page of the Financial Times: “Wheat... More >
  • Issues Brief
    Issues Brief

    Issues Brief

    Much of the British media has been negative about the decision by a large majority in the Westminster Parliament to support the bombing of ISIS targets in Iraq. As an editor and commentator during both the first and second Gulf wars, I found the contrast today with the gung-ho media enthusiasm for war against Saddam... More >
  • India’s Prime Minister Comes to Washington

    India’s Prime Minister Comes to Washington

    Summary The United States is the latest stop in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to attract strategic investment deals for India. Relying on his reputation as a business-savvy leader, Modi wants international support—both technical and financial—to help India overcome its considerable infrastructural and... More >
  • How to Explain MIKTA
    Fresh Perspectives

    How to Explain MIKTA

    On the sidelines on the UN General Assembly meetings that commenced Wednesday 24 September, MIKTA states convene once again to discuss burning issues. Hale Yildiz analyses why this newly emerging partnership may be worth taking seriously. This month in New York, the 69th session of the UN General Assembly will see a meeting of MIKTA... More >
  • Are the US Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Legal and Why is this Question Important?

    Are the US Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq Legal and Why is this Question Important?

    Against the conflicting nature of legal arguments questioning the recent wave of airstrikes launched by the US in Iraq and Syria, Professor Jason Ralph notes that the intervention is not only legitimate, but also potentially legal. The United Nations (UN) Charter under Article 2(4) is clear: States must ‘refrain in their international... More >


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