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  • Slavery and Elections in Uzbekistan
    Fresh Perspectives

    Slavery and Elections in Uzbekistan

    Today is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery and it comes on the eve of presidential elections in Uzbekistan, which continues to have one of the world’s highest rates of forced labour. However, after 25 years of  iron-fisted rule by the late Islam Karimov, on 4 December the Central Asian republic will elect its first... More >
  • Australia and the Trump Era

    Australia and the Trump Era

    The Australian alliance with the US is not simply sentimental: it is a transactional arrangement with mutual benefits. If Australia walked away from the alliance, a major rethink of Australia’s foreign and defence policy would be required to replicate the advantages the relationship provides. Donald Trump’s election has caused... More >
  • Half-Mast in Havana

    Half-Mast in Havana

    The death of Fidel Castro on the weekend has brought a sombre mood to Havana as Cubans there and around the country reflect on the life and impact of El Comandante. But the Cuba envisaged by Castro is already disappearing due to the economic and political reforms of his younger brother, Raúl.  Weekends in Havana are usually festive. Families... More >
  • What Next for Asia-Pacific Trade?

    What Next for Asia-Pacific Trade?

    The annual APEC Summit concluded in Lima last week. It reflected an ongoing sentiment among APEC economies for building growth through regional free trade agreements. This contrasts with the darkening mood at recent G20 summits and the annual meetings for business leaders at Davos. There is an increasingly myopic fixation that a global... More >
  • South Korean Scandal Prompts Possible Resignation

    South Korean Scandal Prompts Possible Resignation

    On Tuesday, South Korean President Park Geun-hye surprised many when she declared she was willing to resign in the face of ongoing scandal and a growing political crisis. Two million people demonstrated against the president at the weekend, and her approval ratings have dropped to single digits. But what are the allegations? And what will happen... More >


Reading Room

Reading Room: Humanitarian Intervention

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Reading Room: Navigating the New International Disorder

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Reading Room: Australian Soldiers in Asia-Pacific in World War II

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