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  • Australia’s Aid Cuts and the Shrinking National Soul

    Australia’s Aid Cuts and the Shrinking National Soul

    This year, World Vision was hoping for a visionary budget. Instead, Australia’s dwindling foreign aid funding demonstrated dumb economics and provided stark evidence of Australia’s moral famine.  In the lead-up to the federal budget, we heard National MP Andrew Broad say, “what we do in aid defines who we want to be as a people.” I... More >
  • Manchester’s Message About the Evolving Terrorist Threat

    Manchester’s Message About the Evolving Terrorist Threat

    In contrast to the Westminster violence earlier this year and other recent lone wolf attacks, the Manchester bombing was highly sophisticated. This, and the unprecedented targeting of children, suggests Islamic State is changing its tactics. As news emerges of British police hunting a terrorist network following the shocking Manchester attack... More >
  • What Russia Wants

    What Russia Wants

    Russia wants to be recognised as a great power. But in the face of criticism over its actions in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere, Moscow asserts that its legitimate strategic interests are being ignored and the nature of its foreign policy is deliberately misrepresented. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Australia HE Mr Grigory Logvinov gave a... More >
  • Trump’s Russian Tale Will be an Epic

    Trump’s Russian Tale Will be an Epic

    Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey and the appointment of Bob Mueller as special prosecutor have done nothing to impede the flow of leaks on the administration’s Russian links, even as the president travels. Donald Trump is embroiled in a major scandal with far-reaching consequences. The ongoing Trump-Russia story is sucking most... More >
  • The Indonesian Oligarchy’s Islamic Turn?

    The Indonesian Oligarchy’s Islamic Turn?

    Former Jakarta Governor, Ahok, withdrew his appeal against blasphemy charges this week and will spend two years in prison. Rather than a broad turn toward Islamism, however, the case shows Indonesian oligarchs’ willingness to exploit social divisions to advance their own interests. Unlike the close election predicted by most pollsters, in the... More >


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