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  • The Trump Effect and Australia

    The Trump Effect and Australia

    Every change of administration in Washington produces a reset in American foreign policy. Depending on whether the new president is from the same or the opposing party, the reset tends to be modest or substantial. Yet the election of Donald Trump has unsettled many foreign governments—something made clear this week in his dealings with Taiwan.... More >
  • John Key’s Foreign Policy Legacy

    John Key’s Foreign Policy Legacy

    New Zealand Prime Minister John Key surprised everyone when he resigned this week. He has been consistently popular over the last eight years and has seen the country through the Global Financial Crisis, the Christchurch earthquakes and a reconciliation with the US on foreign and defence policy. John Key’s shock resignation on 5 December... More >
  • Beyond Baggies and Bogans in Bali

    Beyond Baggies and Bogans in Bali

    Last month’s strange incident involving Jamie Murphy and a bag of white powder in Kuta was the latest in a steady stream of Australians getting into trouble in Bali over the last 15 years. However, in that time a huge number of Australians—almost one in four—have visited without incident. The overwhelming majority spend big and return... More >
  • The US-Mexico Borderlands

    The US-Mexico Borderlands

    Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico was a hallmark of the recent election campaign. What lies at the root of this proposal? And what would the impact of such a structure be on those that live in the borderlands? Trump’s presidential campaign, from its inception, attacked Mexican people living... More >
  • Turkey: The Gulen Dilemma

    Turkey: The Gulen Dilemma

    The life of Fethullah Gulen, the charismatic Turkish spiritual Islamic cleric in exile in the United States, is considerably more troubled following the election of Donald Trump and his choice of Michael Flynn for national security advisor. If Gulen flees the US under threat of extradition—and Australia is one possible destination—his dilemma... More >


Reading Room

Reading Room: Abe’s Remarkable Restoration

In December 2012, Shinzō Abe achieved perhaps the most remarkable comeback of post-war Japanese politics...

Reading Room: Humanitarian Intervention

Despite the international community’s pledge to ‘never again’ allow mass atrocities like the Rwandan...

Reading Room: Navigating the New International Disorder

Since 1950 the Australian Institute of International Affairs has been publishing what its first editors,...