AIIA 2014 National Conference

Australian Outlook

AIIA 2014 National Conference

Foreign Policy for a Top 20 Nation Monday 27 October 2014, Hyatt Hotel, Canberra Since 1924, the Australian Institute of International Affairs...

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  • G20: Crossing the Divide

    G20: Crossing the Divide

    If it can achieve sustained growth for emerging economies and avoids geopolitical pitfalls, then G20 will be a success for BRICS nations, writes South Africa’s Catherine Grant Makokera and Christopher Wood. As the only African member of the G20, South Africa carries the weight not only of its own national interests but of being a... More >
  • Innovation in the Anti-Trafficking Movement
    Fresh Perspectives

    Innovation in the Anti-Trafficking Movement

    One of the greatest challenges for the global anti human trafficking initiative is the lack of effective collaboration and information sharing between anti-trafficking organisations. Addressing this problem, Camille Pesava draws attention to Walk Free Foundation’s Directory as an effective tool to counter this obstacle. The lack of... More >
  • Indonesia: The Voice of Developing States?

    Indonesia: The Voice of Developing States?

    This Monday, the 20th October – ten years to the day after taking office –  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will finish his term as Indonesia’s president and Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo will take the helm. Australia’s Prime Minister and G20 president 2014, Tony Abbott, may attend the inauguration. But will Jokowi attend the G20 Leaders’... More >
  • Gough’s Remaking of Defence Policy

    Gough’s Remaking of Defence Policy

    Gough Whitlam was a physical giant with an intellect to match. His flaws were pretty sizeable, too, and the pygmies who beset him were often from his own party. His self-mocking humour was immensely appealing, and could only be carried off by someone with giant status: ‘I’ve never said I’m immortal. I do believe in correct language.... More >
  • Iran: Prioritising Anti-Americanism over the Muslim cause

    Iran: Prioritising Anti-Americanism over the Muslim cause

    In the context of Iran’s bid to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Dr Shahram Akbarzadeh analyses Iran’s wider aspirations and strategic priorities for the prospective alliance. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a self-declared ideological state. From its early days, it has constructed an image of revolutionary Islamism for... More >


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