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To RENEW you membership, please login to your AIIA account here (click). If you are having issues logging in, please contact our branch secretary tas.secretary@internationalaffairs.org.au.

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Membership forms and payments can be completed online. Please contact our branch secretary if you would prefer not to make an online application.

AIIA Tasmania is a membership based institute, which brings together people and organisations with an interest in international affairs. We provide our members with an independent forum that allows them to interact in an open and impartial environment with business leaders, academics, diplomats, the media, non-governmental organisations, policy makers and researchers. Members participate in meetings, panel discussions, and seminars to discuss and debate the major foreign policy issues of our time. They receive a print or online subscription to the prestigious quarterly publication, “Australian Journal of International Affairs” and enjoy access to the various AIIA programs.

Membership fees are currently GST free. The AIIA Tasmanian Branch is not required to register for GST.