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Ukraine: Another Frozen Conflict

Published 25 Jun 2015

In the same week that President Putin declared Russia to be no threat to the West, Ukrainian President Poroshenko warned of the grave threat to his country of full-scale invasion. such statements are characteristic of the widely divergent positions that have seen the deadly Ukrainian conflict grind into stalemate.

The conflict’s broader geopolitical implications, as a kind of proxy war between Russian and the West, mark it as one of the greatest threats to European stability since the end of the Cold War. With attempts at a political solution in Minsk II (February 2015) having limited effect on the ground, and eruptions of hostilities unceasing, questions must be asked about the best way forward.

The AIIAV was delighted to host Marko Pavlyshyn to discuss the possible future developments and their consequences for Ukraine, Europe and global security.