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Korea Policy Dialogue

Published 29 Dec 2014

The Australian Institute of International Affairs and the Korea Foundation co-hosted the Korea Policy Dialogue on 29 December 2014 at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Queensland Office in Brisbane.The Dialogue brought together prominent academics, practitioners and other experts with knowledge and experience on issues important to Korea and Australia. The objective of the Dialogue was to strengthen ties and facilitate an open exchange of ideas between Korean and Australian foreign policy experts. The discussion covered such topics as the strategic environment in the Asia-Pacific, middle power cooperation, Korean foreign policy and North-South relations on the Korean Peninsula.Korea Policy Dialogue Outcomes ReportKorea Policy Dialogue Program

Article: ‘Australia’s New Seoulmate? Security Cooperation Between Australia and South Korea’ by Dr Jae Jeok Park

Video: Interview with Dr Hyun-seok Yu, President of the Korea Foundation

Podcasts: Presentations and Discussant Remarks