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Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium 28 August, 2015

Published 29 Sep 2015

The Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium was presented by the Australian Institute of International Affairs partnered with the Australian National University’s Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy and Bond University. It also received generous support from Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Symposium brought together the small but growing community of practitioners, scholars and members of the public with an interest in Australian diplomacy to reflect, share ideas and critique recent successes and developments in Australian diplomacy and to consider challenges and opportunities ahead.

Videos of the Symposium:


Welcoming Address:

Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium, Michael Wesley

Opening Address:

 Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium, Peter Varghese

Session One. Forums

Jochen Prantl & Jeremy Farrall Spoke on Australian Diplomacy and U.N. Security Council

Tristram Sainsbury Spoke on Australia’s Economic Diplomacy

Session Two. Tools

Ben Day Spoke on Foreign Aid

Jacinta O’Hagan Spoke on Humanitarian in Diplomacy

Alex Oliver Spoke on Consular Service

Alison Broinowski Spoke on Australia’s Cultural Diplomacy

Session Three. Actors

Michael G. Smith Spoke on Civil Military Diplomacy

Janelle Saffin Spoke on Parliamentarians in Diplomacy

Stuart Murray Spoke on Sport Diplomacy

Session Four. Themes

Caitlin Byrne Spoke on Public Diplomacy

Melissa Conley Tyler Spoke on Diversity in Diplomacy

William Fisher Spoke on Decency and Diplomacy

Closing Address:

Australian Diplomacy Today Symposium, John McCarthy

Producer: Yang Jie