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AIIA Interview: Dr Knut Dörmann on International Humanitarian Law

Published 22 Jul 2015

Australian Outlook Editor Alexander Willox discusses the future of International Humanitarian Law in a world with more non-state armed conflicts than ever before, the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross in ensuring adherence to these laws and what the ICRC is doing to help the growing number of refugees around the globe with Dr Knut Dörmann, Chief Legal Officer, Head of the Legal Division, International Committee of the Red Cross.

Dr Dörmann has held his position as Head of the Legal Division since December 2007 and is also Chief Legal Officer of the ICRC. Dr Dörmann is and has been a member of several groups of experts working on the current challenges of IHL. He has extensively presented and published on international law of peace, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.

Interviewer/Producers: Alexander Willox and Gayan Vithanage
Editor: Michelle Parker