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The Transnational Review (Qld)

Published 12 Jul 2017

The Transnational Review is edited and disseminated by the AIIA Queensland. It provides a platform for writers of all persuasions and demographics to express their views in a professional format in line with our mission statement: to further an interest in, and understanding of, international affairs.

With that in mind, the Transnational Review welcomes opinion, feature articles, book reviews and other content to engage members and the wider community in debates of international importance.

Latest Issue
Transnational Review November 2015

The Transnational Review: November 2015
Down the Barrel of Hidden Conflicts

Contributing Authors:Elliot Dolan-Evans, Laure Fournier, Miles Kitts, Raphael Mengem, and James Snell
AIIA Queensland Events Reports: by Miles Kitts, Emily Lighezzolo




Previous Issues

The Transnational Review: June | July 2015

Year of the Caliphate: 12 Months of the Islamic State

Contributing Authors: Miles Kitts, James Snell, Jayne Francis and Laure Fournier
AIIA Queensland Events Reports: by Elliot Dolan-Evans and Emily Lighezzolo

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The Transnational Review: May 2015

Rule Britannia? Miles Kitts and James Snell on the state of Britain ahead of the UK general election

Contributing Authors: Miles Kitts, James Snell, Laure Fournier, Taru Leppanen, Elliot Dolan-Evans, Emily Lighezzolo
Book Review: Australia and the Vietnam War by Dr Peter Edwards (reviewed by James Brown)

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The Transnational Review: November | December 2014

Britain’s New Isolationists: James Snell on the new, inward-looking Britain

Contributing Authors: James Snell, Tom Switzer, Kyle W. Orton, Aydon Edwards, James Turner and Joseph Power
Book Review: The Food Wars by Walden Bello (reviewed by James Turner)

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The Transnational Review: September | October 2014

Back to Iraq: James Turner on Yazidis and the Changing Discourse of Genocide

Contributing Authors: James Turner, David Joyce, Yahya Qatramiz, Luisa Cools, Kyle Barrett
AIIA QUeensland Event Report
Book Review: Combat Medic: An Australian Eyewitness Account of the Kibeho Massacre by Terry Pickard

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