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International Law in Australia

Published 13 Jul 2017

The AIIA is proud to have been involved in the publication of the International Law in Australia series for more than half a century.

International Law in Australia 3rd Edition is the latest edition in a landmark series that since 1965 has tracked the development and significance of international law for Australia. With eminent contributors from academia, government and the profession, International Law in Australia provides an exhaustive and contemporary account of Australia’s interactions with international law in the 21st century.

The work divides into analysis of critical aspects of Australia’s international law engagement with international organisations, treaty making, dispute resolution and the interaction of international law with Australian law. Consideration is also given to Australian state practice and engagement in traditional areas of international law such as law of the sea, international criminal law, international human rights, and international trade law, while areas of international legal practice and engagement particular to Australia such as international resources law, and Australia’s external territories are also addressed.

Australia’s contributions to the development of international law in areas such as international humanitarian law, and international aviation law are also assessed. The book is essential reading for any international law student, scholar or practitioner seeking a contemporary understanding of Australian practice in and the significance international law holds for Australia.

Discounts are available for AIIA members and for those who order International Law in Australia through the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Order the book by downloading and completing this order form. For further information, please call AIIA National Office, 02 6282 2133.