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North Korea and Human Rights: Tolerating the Intolerable

Published 26 Mar 2014
The Diplomat, Article by Clint Work

In a sobering assessment of the current Kim Jong-Un regime in Pyongyang, Clint Work challenges us with his bleak and sobering assessments of future prospects for Korean reunification. “While history is littered with dastardly examples of the failure to act, this may be one situation in which pushing too hard results in greater suffering. Tragically, we are left in the meantime tolerating the intolerable.”

In the short term, there appears to be no solution to the problems this extraordinary regime has created, however that does not mean valuable work is not currently being done, such as the recent UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry report on the DPRK by the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Such reports, Work notes, will be essential for post-unification transitional justice, when and if such unification happens.

This story from The Diplomat presents  a true realist’s assessment of the issues we currently face with the DPRK.