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Call For Applications: Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship 2022

Published 05 Jul 2022

Members of the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) under the age of 35 interested in deepening their awareness of Asia have until 30 August to apply for the Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship.

The Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship was established in 2013 and provides grants of up to $5,000 to enable young Australian students or recent graduates, who are members of the AIIA, the opportunity to travel, work and or study in Asia.

“My time in Seoul was an incredible learning venture where I gained practical experience and insights that have supplemented my postgraduate degree in international development and given me a greater understanding of Korean culture and perspectives from the inside out, rather than from the West looking in,” said 2015 scholarship recipient Luisa Cools (AIIA QLD, pictured above).

Applicants should have a genuine interest in Asia along with a commitment to the deepening of knowledge and understanding of Asia in the Australian community. Previous exposure to an Asian country in a specific field or sector combined with knowledge of the local language are also strong attributes amongst candidates.

Applications should outline how the applicant will use the scholarship to deepen an understanding of an individual country of Asia or of an aspect of Asia.

For the purpose of applications, Asia encompasses India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines; and Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

The Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship may be used for:

  1. Carrying out self-study and research
  2. Formal, specialised short-term study at recognised educational institutions
  3. Cost of food, accommodation and travel expenses during the experience
  4. Short-term work or research attached to an in-country organisation.

At the conclusion of the program, the successful applicant will be expected to submit a pro forma report, financial acquittal, an article to the AIIA’s blog, and address AIIA members on their return. The final $500 of the scholarship will be paid out once the recipient has met these requirements.

All scholarship applications should be made in writing and accompanied by a completed application form, a current CV, two written references with contact details and a copy of the applicant’s most recent university transcript.

To apply, CLICK HERE.

For further information contact

The deadline for all applications is 30 August.

Selection Criteria


  1. Candidates must be residents of Australia
  2. Candidates must have a current AIIA membership
  3. Candidates must be students or recent graduates of an Australian university
  4. Candidates can be up to the age of 35 years

Key Selection Criteria

  • A strong academic and/or professional record
    • Demonstrated consistently strong results, such as high average mark.
  • Strong communication, cross-cultural and interpersonal skills
    • Candidates must possess sufficient confidence and capability to satisfy the panel that they will succeed in their chosen educational experience, and to act as effective ambassadors for the AIIA upon return.
  • Motivated by genuine academic and/or professional ambition
    • Candidates’ personal statements will be used to assess genuineness of interest, including candidates’ knowledge of the relationship between Australia and the target country.
  • Demonstrated awareness of how the experience may enhance the candidate’s academic abilities and/or further candidate’s career aspirations
    • Candidates’ personal statements will be used to assess.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in international affairs
    • Candidates must demonstrate an involvement in activities that explore or promote Australia-Asia ties.
  • Demonstrated ability to undertake independent research/projects in Australia and the target country
  • Ability to successfully adapt to and operate within differing cultural environments
  • Possess a mature and flexible attitude towards life and people in general
  • Candidates should formulate a program that focuses on expanding a combination of their research, language and practical skills. Language study alone will not be sufficient to meet the aims of the scholarship