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Books from Casey Library Available to AIIA members

Published 17 Apr 2014

Another round of books is available for those willing to provide them with new home. As usual, they are free, and those members wishing to get their hands on one or several of the books on the list can collect from the National Office or only have to pay for postage costs.

Please contact Ashleigh Sharp at to arrange.

  1. Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea, Joint Investigation Report On the Attack Against ROK Ship Cheonan, 2010.
  2. Kim Tong-ni, The Cross of Shaphan, The Si-sa-yong-o-sa Publishers, 1983.
  3. R. K. Vasil, Politics in a Plural Society: A Study of Non-Communal Political Parties in West Malaysia, Oxford University Press, 1971.
  4. Anthony Burgess, The Malayan Trilogy, Mandarin Paperbacks, 1996, which is comprised of his three works, Time for a Tiger, The Enemy in the Blanket and Bed in the East.
  5.  Edited by Zhou Guo, ‘China and the World’ Issues 2 (1982) and 3 (1983), Beijing Review Foreign Affairs Series.
  6. Compiled by the China Handbook Editorial Committee, China Handbook Series: Culture, Foreign Language Press Beijing, 1982.
  7. Edited by The Editorial Department of New World Press and the English Language Service of Radio Peking, 60 Scenic Wonders in China, New World Press, 1980.
  8. Lionel Gelber, World Politics and Free Trade: Britain, USA and the West, The Atlantic Trade Study, 1968.
  9. A. Ruth Fry, A Quaker Adventure: The Story of Nine Years’ Relief and Reconstruction in Europe, Friends Service Council, London, 1943.
  10. Jan-Albert Goris, The Growth of the Belgian Nation, 2nd edition, Belgian Government Information Centre, 1948.
  11. Sydney E. Ahlstrom, A Religious History of the American People,Yale University Press, 1972.
  12. T. B. Millar, Soviet Policies in the Indian Ocean Area, The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University Press, 1970.

Books will be available until 13 May 2014.