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AIIA Research Impact Award Winner Haroro Ingram

Published 09 Apr 2016

The Australian Institute of International Affairs is pleased to announce the recipient of the inaugural AIIA Early Career Researcher Research Impact Award is Dr Haroro J. Ingram.

Dr Haroro J. Ingram is a research fellow with the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at the Australian National University. His primary research project examines the role of propaganda in the strategies of extremist groups with Islamic State and the Afghan Taliban as major case studies. He has also been commissioned by the International Centre for Counter-terrorism to author a series of ‘lessons learned’ research papers on counterpropaganda strategies. Each research paper will focus on a specific theme and will contribute to a final collaborative project that will commence in September 2016. He has regularly presented research findings to senior Australian, North American and European officials.

The AIIA will support Dr Ingram in further promoting his work to academic and policy audiences through its Australian Outlook blog, YouTube channel and events.